Tailor-made complex web app development

We build custom web applications to boost your digital success. We have designed apps for both internal users and customers. Intuitive, eye-catching, fast loading and consistent on every platform. That’s what our web apps are like.
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Versatile developers with vast web design experience.

From simple booking platforms to comprehensive web app solutions for large enterprises, we’ve done it all.

Our toolbox includes Native, Hybrid, Ionic, Angular, Python, TypeScript, Firebase, PHP and more - you won’t hear “that’s impossible” from us.

While always keeping your aspirations and business objectives in mind, we design a long-lasting and easily-adaptable digital product. Our coding methods ensure that your web app is sustainable and ready for any future developments.

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Results-driven and evidence-based web app development.

Our mission is to guide the clients towards the most meaningful solution. Award-winning design is great but doesn’t always do the trick. We strive to produce both beautiful and highly effective user interface to make the web app exceed all of its objectives.

We’re not big fans of random UI decisions. Our development routine and subsequent effectivity assessment are based on analytics and thorough testing. Every detail makes sense and every feature contributes to a flawless user experience.

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We know we grow with our clients’ success. That’s why we’re deeply invested in every project.

Our aspiration is to become you new favourite tech partner. The goal is to fully comprehend your business and help you find the most suitable way of pushing things further with digital innovation.

Developing a web app is often just one piece of the puzzle. We daringly embrace complex challenges and won’t say no to any complicated project, as long as it matches your business objectives.

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We have successfully launched more than 100 projects & products in 8 countries.
FAQ web application development
On what devices do web applications work?

Web applications use responsive design, which takes into consideration all requirement of smart phones, tablets and computers of all sizes. Based on their resolution, the content and design is ordered by value and importance. Thanks to increasing use of smart phones, it is a way to offer your users the best experience in every situation.

How do you design web apps?

While creating the design we focus on your demands, but also on user experience design, which aims to design webs a web apps, whose users are happy to be part of. To create such design it is essential to perfectly understand the needs and habits of your users, the goals of your business and the ability to perceive web as a whole that has been put together from individual parts.

Can you connect web apps to other apps?

Our web applications are ready for all your demands, we want you to make the most of them. We can connect them to your current software and create for example e-commerce project connected to your business information system, which monitors current goods in stock, orders or similar data.

What are the biggest pitfalls while programming a web app?

The development of web apps is not just a sequence of designing, coding and programming. When planning a web app, it is also necessary to think about its goals and users, so that they can use the app without any unplanned obstacles. It is imperative to design a high quality structure and navigation based on the specifics of your target group.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Both of these questions are hard to answer. Some of our client needed very complex web app with lots of additional features, so the price was higher than for other project. Also, the time needed differs from the complexity of your project. We are normally able to answer you these questions after a first meeting or call.

How do you test your web apps?

Our experiences tester test the app during the whole development, which makes the process faster. Thanks to continuous testing we do not have to solve unexpected situations, such as searching for mistake that has been done weeks ago. It is also possible to conduct user testing, when we invite real users to use the app and then monitor all their valuable opinions and preferences.

What data do you need in order to start the development?

The development can be slowed down by not having all the content you would like to place into the app. Usually we are talking about photos, texts, analytical materials (keyword analysis, architecture of the app), FTP, access to your old web app and so on. All of these is essential to have in order to ensure incident-free and fast development. In some cases it is possible to add the materials during development, but we would not recommend this method. Also your opinion about the whole market you are on could of great value, so that we could adjust our final products to all your needs.