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Progressive web apps combine the advantages of websites and mobile apps. Are you thinking of this new technology for your product? Make use of our age-long experience in development.
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Progressive web apps erase the difference between mobile apps and websites. Use it.

Progressive web application (PWA) is a technology we see a great future in. Not only for markets, where it is hard to get into Google Play or App Store. Progressive web app benefits from the best of both worlds. You can treat it like a website, but also pin it to the screen of your mobile phone, where it consequently acts like an ordinary mobile app.

Flawless display on every single screen, notifications and other features, which were until now connected only to mobile apps, are now opening to use on web. Benefits are clear - two platforms, one development. Moreover, there are no limiting fees for publishing the app to the stores.

Progressive web app have their restrictions though. This solution is not suitable for every project. Contact us and let’s discuss which technology is the best one for your intentions.

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Don’t settle for less - let’s start with PWA development.

Be a step ahead and think of the future needs of your company. Progressive web apps act the same ways as websites, however, they can be added to the menu of your mobile phone, where they act like apps. Also their design and layout is always the same, so your customers don’t have to get used to two versions. PWAs are also much easier and less costly for future development.

Together with the development itself, we are going to create unique responsive design and test the whole app thoroughly to avoid any errors before launching.

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Long-term cooperation with focus on innovations.

Would you like to watch your competitors disappear, while your company will grow thanks to smart innovations, which are loved by your employees as well as customers?

Introduce us to the problems your company has to face every day a together we can come up with a suitable solution. We build our cooperation on sustainable technological projects, that are ready for future updates, which might be inevitable in the future.

The goal for each of our projects is a harmony between technology and human factor. We want our technological solutions to work just the way your business requires. Beside development we can offer other services to boost your success, have a look.

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FAQ development of progressive web applications
What if I am still unsure about this technology?

Progressive web applications are not suitable for every project, however their biggest advantage is that they are not bound to a particular platform or browser. With PWA you can have the best of apps and websites. Users have less and less time, so they don’t want to waste it. Thanks to progressive web app, they can have all the information needed in just seconds.

How long does it take to develop a progressive web app?

The development is definitely not a race. The winner is not the first one, but the one, who makes it flawless and according to users’ needs. We are able to establish the time needed only when we have your specifications. The development can take up to few months, depends on the features of your new progressive web app.

Will it be suitable for all devices?

Yes, your progressive web application will include responsive design, which means that it will always fit into any screen and any device.

How much does it cost?

Again, as with the time, it is very hard to say how much you have to pay for your app. The price is directly related to the difficultness of programming, coding and design. Let us know what functions you need and then we will be capable of establishing a price.

Will it work also off-line?

As we said before, progressive web app combines elements from apps and webs, so it will work even when there’s no internet connection. The only exception is when you need to download some updated data.

Is PWA tested before launching?

In Pixelfield we test everything we work on. Whether you want us to program a progressive web app or just a normal web app, we will test them all and present you a perfectly working products.