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Immerse yourself in a world of fun and rewards with an augmented reality gaming experience, masterfully crafted by Pixelfield.

spacecatch ux design and developement
Get ready for SpaceCatch, a groundbreaking augmented reality game that merges RPG features, blockchain technology, and NFTs into a captivating and rewarding gaming adventure. Players build and train their characters through real-life physical activity while defending Earth from invading alien hordes in their own cities. Pixelfield's dedicated team has partnered with SpaceCatch.io for the past months, pouring their passion and expertise into every aspect of the game's development.
About client

About client

SpaceCatch.io is on a mission to revolutionize the gaming landscape by creating a one-of-a-kind experience that combines augmented reality, RPG gameplay, and the excitement of earning real-world rewards through blockchain and NFT technologies.


Game Features

  • Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn augmented reality-based gameplay
  • Train your character with your own physical activity
  • Collect and purchase upgrades to strengthen your character
  • Battle hordes of aliens invading Earth
  • Participate in large scale invasions and real-life community events
  • Monetize in-game achievements and items through blockchain and NFT integration
spacecatch game design
spacecatch game development
Project Background

Project Background

Our journey with SpaceCatch.io began with a whitepaper and technical preparations, followed by an active development. Together, we've made incredible strides, achieving milestones like the rapid creation of breathtaking in-game assets and the release of the alpha version in just a very short time.



Our goal is to develop a unique and engaging game that not only showcases Pixelfield's dedication and expertise but also brings joy and a sense of accomplishment to players around the world.

spacecatch agile development


Pixelfield and SpaceCatch.io maintain an open and transparent partnership, with weekly progress meetings and seamless communication via team chats. We've built a strong bond, merging our teams to work as a dedicated unit, with senior staff guiding the process to ensure the best results.


Challenges and Achievements

  • Delivering a top-notch user experience with cutting-edge blockchain features
  • Developing visually stunning assets and design elements that immerse players in the game
spacecatch dedicated team
The Process

The Process

Our agile and iterative approach has allowed us to deliver results fast, running sprints and adapting to the project's needs as it evolves. We're proud to have this project in progress and look forward to its ongoing development and future success.


Future Plans

As the SpaceCatch project continues to grow, Pixelfield is committed to being a stable partner for scaling the game and sharing in its success. We are excited about the ongoing development and are eager to bring more innovative features and enhancements to the game in the coming months and beyond. With SpaceCatch, the sky's the limit!