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Not simply listening to radio

Every radio listener will enjoy the possibility to personalize the list of stations and other settings this app offers them.
Problem statement

Problem statement

Would you like to listen to your favourite radio station before you go to bed or while commuting and no app is offering you the right radio player?

This app brings all the options your heart was craving for, including classic FM radios, just as online radios.



We have developed an app for both Android and iOS, which offers its users a variety of radio stations they can listen to directly via the app. With 90 radio stations, even the most demanding music lovers or news seekers will find exactly what they want.

For those, who like to listen to music or the news before bed, there is an option to set a time, when the app turns off itself - the time can be set anytime between 15 to 60 minutes.

Other great features

Imagine listening to a really good song on the radio. It is actually so good you even forget to look at the screen to see the artist or the name of this song. Well, we have been there too, so in this app you can actually see which songs finished playing 5 minutes, or even an hour ago.

Not feeling like going through 90 options to find a station to fit your mood? You can filter the stations according to the music genres.