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With technology to better data visualization

No more annoying papers or inaccurate data - researchers' jobs have become much easier with this app.
Problem statement

Problem statement

While measuring velocity, it is important to enter all data precisely and without too much divergences. Accurate location and all the notes from acquiring data are essential to carry out a reliable research. The app for InSAR data visualization is making it all easier.



Each researcher who has this app doesn't have to use anything else to save their data. All the data is automatically synchronized and visible on a satellite map in form of colourful dots. The colour of the dot is assigned according to a certain velocity level.

To every point a note can be added - a voice message, a picture or good old text. Also, there is some useful information assigned to each point. First of all, there is a chart with historical data, where you can just zoom in to see what values there were in the past.

Other great features

Not missing are the coordinates - longitude and latitude. After tapping on them you can copy them or directly open an external map navigation.

As all the notes are shown in the app on a map, they can be hidden in the settings, so as to make the map more clear. To make things even more simple, the points on the map can be filtered into ascending or descending order.