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Connecting artists and fans

We adopted the role of MusicMap’s long-term tech partner with the aim to polish their services to digital perfection and help the app expand abroad.
Problem statement

Problem statement

Keeping track of all the news in the world of music is a tough job. Even if you manage to do so, you then need to figure out when and where to buy the tickets. And after that, there comes the challenge of not losing the tickets before the concert takes place.

There seems to be an easy fix though. An app with all the tickets in one place. And that’s where MusicMap comes into play.



Using this convenient app is quite easy. There are three key steps you need to take:

1. Set up a fan account

Register for free, connect with your favourite artists and follow their news and tour dates.

2. Delve into the world of music

Explore the great variety of events and learn more about those which appeal to you.

3. Buy tickets and enjoy the concert

Enjoy the smooth purchase process and let the app guide you to the payment gateway. After a few seconds, you’ll receive your dreamt-of tickets. There’s no need to run to the print shop anymore, just show the tickets in the app and enjoy the night.