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Benefits to the maximum

MultiSport doesn’t necessarily need to be just about the sport itself. Thanks to a new website called MultiClub, there are more ways to save money while staying healthy.
Problem statement

Problem statement

MultiSport Benefit, one of the most famous company providing employee benefits in the Czech Republic, wanted to offer even more ways of using their programm. They have come up with an idea to bring customers discounts from their partners. These discounts needed to be displayed clearly on a website, where every holder of MultiSport card could see them.

The power of visuals

We have created the structure of the website with regard to a huge amount of individual discounts, so that the users wouldn’t get lost between them and could distinguish them from each other.

We have achieved this thanks to colourful boxes of various widths arranged to fulfill the whole screen. Part of the website is also a blog, where we have decided to keep the simple layout to have all the articles organized.



MultiClub website needed an administration, so that the discounts vouchers and blog posts could be added by someone without the knowledge of coding or programming. As a result, we have created two administration sites, one for new discounts and one for new blog posts.

Taking into consideration a large number of offers, it was essential to create filters, that would help the users find their dreamed of service or product. These filters can order the offers by keywords, location or a category - sport and free time, health, beauty and relax.

Other great features

After opening an arbitrary offer, the user can see a detail of it, which contains information about where and how to use the voucher. Left column is always dedicated to introduction of a company, which provides the offer, including a map, which shows where to go to get the desired product or service.

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