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Hoist the sails of adventure

Traveling broadens your horizons and it is definitely fun. For someone the journey is the goal, but the goal of this app is completely different.
Problem statement

Problem statement

You can find hundreds of travel apps in stores. Although traveling is fun itself, it won't be harmful to spice things up and experience something new. Here comes this app. Meywo aims to add a little bit more excitment and adventure to your journeys.


The power of visuals

For the best user experience, our graphic designers came up with clear and well arranged elements, which are smartly gathered to make the users feel entertained, while not disturbed by any graphic clutter.

Using the app is therefore not disrupting the focus of users they need to have in order to be able to fulfil tasks the app is about.

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Meywo is all about completing tasks while on the road. The app works globally, so users can enjoy the tasks worldwide. Thanks to implemented geolocation, the task can be marked as done only when the user is actually near the given spot. For each completed task, there are points. Users can than compete against each other and try to be the best.

Other great features

Apart from this thrilling competition, the users explore beautiful places in cities, as well as countryside or sometimes even in the middle of nowhere and might come across places they would othewise completely miss out.

On the map, you can filter goals you are intested in - for example when you are not a big fan of galleries (we all know someone like this, right?), just turn them off and they will stop showing on your map.

Ready to explore the world?