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Secure electronic signature that complies with eIDAS regulations

legalnode software development
We are responsible for creating a simpler and more secure electronic signature that complies with eIDAS regulations.
Problem statement

Problem statement

LegalNode approached as a new company founded by two entrepreneurs from the legal & commercial real estate development industry. They came with a problem – how to get rid of the necessity of traveling each day to meet clients to sign documents during real estate transactions.

Existing solutions for e-signatures are too simple and don’t fully meet EU eIDAS regulations and they are not widely used & trusted in non-English markets.


The existing solutions are fundamentally broken

Original idea was to digitize the escrow closing process by offering a solution to execute & track the transaction and assemble, sign and distribute all executed documents.

During the discovery process, we had found out that the key piece we needed to execute this is already broken – e-signatures.

Existing solutions-focused too much on already solved problems. Everyone offered the same services regarding the signature itself – signature secured only by email login.

MVP development
Our solution

Our solution

We created a fully localized e-signature platform built around simplifying complex B2B transactions. Platform is simple enough to use in the B2C and fully compliant with EU legislation.


Identification & Verification

The fundamental problem was solved by designing and developing MVP - trackable & easy to prove e-signatures with ID verification and full compliance with eIDAS legislation.

Every user joining LegalNode is joining a growing ecosystem of trusted & verified individuals – users are onboarded to the platform through a series of verification & identification mechanisms to ensure they are who they say they are.



We created a contemporary brand identity. LegalNode is presented as a serious player in the B2B sector thanks to the contemporary brand identity.

We built the identity around transactions and business use, we designed a simple logotype and trademark.

app design
mvp design
Easy to use the product without any bloat

We created a tool focused on efficiency - the web app fully works on all devices. We designed an interface that allows document initiators to intuitively set up internal sign-offs that don’t appear in the actual document, to select the order in which users have to sign.

Users aren’t forced to create documents with us or use crazy complicated editors with too many setups.

web app development
External PO & CTO

LegalNode came to us with high-level solutions, business & law expertise, but had no tech or design capabilities to fulfill them. Our role was clear from the very beginning and our cooperation continues - we are continuously managing the backlog and release iterations.

We supplied the key roles of product owner and chief technology officer.

web app design

This is just a beginning of our joint journey, and we keep delivering new features on monthly basis.