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From zero to CNN in just a few months

kaleido mvp development
In the beginning, there was an idea to bring new experiences to the audience we often forget about. In just a few months, we helped to create Kaleido VR, and we managed to bring joy into many nursing homes.


Flying Kale is a start-up with a focus on innovations in social care - a field that suffers from chronic underinvestment, but at the same time is gaining in importance due to the ageing of the population.

In the Discovery phase of the project, we chose from several concepts for the product and found out which plan is technologically feasible and within the given budget. We focused on competition and conducted an introductory survey of homes for the elderly to see if there was interest in the concepts.

The clear winner was the virtual reality for senior, which will help to activate memory and bring new experiences to seniors, thus giving activators a new therapeutic tool.

Together with Flying Kale, we created the Kaleido product concept, a plan for product design, development and how to test the idea in-home.

MVP development
Proof of concept

Proof of concept

Before starting the development, we needed to validate several assumptions on which Kaleido is based. How will seniors respond to virtual reality? Can the activation staff work with it? What about the weight of the headsets, the internet connection available in the nursing homes ... and much more.

We created two virtual trips and the simplest possible form of application, and within a week, we ready to go to homes for testing. We met with enthusiastic reactions from seniors and workers, and we knew that creating MVP makes sense.

proof of concept
digital innovation
MVP Development

MVP Development

Both our design team and development team worked on Kaleido. We have prepared a complete visual identity of the product, user experience design and the environment in which the trips take place. All this taking into account the specific audience.

Development of the app for virtual reality followed a few weeks later. Our developers have developed an application for Oculus headsets, but also a backend for managing users, subscriptions, trips and everything else needed to run the system.

After successfully testing the new application, we shipped the first Kaleido headsets into the world. During the launch, the client and we managed to deliver over 40 devices, and the project experienced a rocket launch.

virtual reality development
virtual reality

What is as important as the numbers are the reactions of the users. During the pilot testing, we collected data and evaluated the experiences of seniors. We experienced emotional responses, including sentences like, "Oh, I'm on my feet again!"

The numbers speak for itself - over 75% of seniors awarded the experience with a maximum score, over 80% of them managed to start moving during the experience.

It didn't take long for the media reaction to come - Kaleido was promoted by the media from Prima CNN for Czech Radio.

kaleido virtual reality
virtual reality media
What's next?

We do not end with the development and launch of MVP. We are planning further development rounds and new surprises for seniors and caring staff. The Kaleido team also works on original interactive content from many destinations, including travelling, relaxing on a beach or concerts.

We are expanding to several european countries, including Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

virtual reality 1
virtual reality 2
virtual reality 3
virtual reality 4

Thanks to the Kaleido team, all doctors and seniors who participated in testing and polishing the product. 🤗🙏