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Young bookworm’s favourite website

To make teenagers read books is not always easy. Thanks to the project Humbook, which is now represented by a brand new website, young adult literature in high demand.
Problem statement

Problem statement

Humbook project involves several parts - a new mobile app Storki, HumbookFest festival or HumbookStage event. This website unites information about all these parts in one place.



As the website contains a lot of information about events, contests, books and authors, there a is a navigation via hashtags, to make browsing the web easier. Would you like to see all articles about your favourite author? Use the hashtag with their name and you might even find out that there is a new book coming.

Other great features

The website also provides an overview of all young adult books, which can be filtered by name, author or genre. The list covers not only existing books, but also those to come.

In the book detail, there is a short description and a link to a store, where the book can be bought. To prevent unsatisfied readers, each book has a few pages you can read right away without purchasing it.

„Great references from our InovAM department led Pixelfield and us to a cooperation on a new content website for the Humbook brand. They have provided a solution with the best value for money, which was abmitious and down-to-earth at the same time, so that it met all of our needs. I would like to compliment, that the whole project didn't get unnecessarily big and the result was delivered according to our requests with a little bit above that. It was a great and friendly cooperation with young people.“