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Your favourite way to the movies

Forget tiresome ticket queues and missed first scenes. With CineStar app, every trip to the movies is pure pleasure.
Problem statement

Problem statement

The CineStar cinema chain partnered with us to develop a modern, highly intuitive mobile app which would allow their customers to book their seats in just a few seconds, purchase the tickets and even pre-order their snacks. After all, how can you treat your soul with a movie without treating your belly first, right?


The power of visuals

As always, we made great effort to design a flawless user experience. The app is chic, well-arranged and stays reliable even during the usual reservation madness before a long-awaited premiere. We are delighted we could help CineStar make their customers even happier.



The app uses geolocalisation to automatically display the program of a nearby cinema. There’s no need to keep an eye on the watch anymore, the app sends you a notification when the start is getting closer. When the closing credits roll, you can already share your experience with other movie lovers in a review.

We thought about your friends too. The CineStar app allows you to invite your friends for a specific screening and purchase their tickets. Moreover, you can send the tickets directly to their phones. No more missed scenes for the whole group just because of one late-comer, yay!

Happy users
„I am delighted. It makes my cinema life much easier.“
Google user
„Thanks to this app I am aware of all movies I can watch in the cinema.“
Dominik Trnka
„Great app, good job Cinestar 😄😊👍.“
Lukasek Baborak