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Bazzarro: Multiplatform marketplace for car dealers

Discussing and trading cars has never been so convenient.

Problem statement

Purchasing a vehicle is not an easy task. You need to acquire a lot of information, get in touch with a dealer, and consider all the alternatives while taking many different factors into account. This mobile and web app will make this process much easier for you.


The unifying element of all the screens is an energetic orange tone, highlighting the most important elements and guiding users through the vast amount of information the app offers.

Bazzarro app brims over with useful features, such as handy filters for more effective searching or an in-built chat for promptly contacting car dealers.


Despite its rich functionality, the app remains perfectly intuitive: Each car ad includes all the information you need, such as kilometres-driven, number of previous owners and engine performance. If you’re interested, you can get in touch with the owner with just one quick tap on the screen.

All conversations with car dealers can be automatically translated into the language of your profile, which matches the language set up on your mobile. Would you prefer another language? No problem! The app offers 90 different translations.

Big decisions deserve some time. If you like a certain car, you can simply place it in your “garage” and compare it to the other ones which have sparked your interest later. Our partnership with Bazzarro continues, we now focus on adding new amazing features which will make users’ experience even more enjoyable.