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Astonish everyone with an incredible efficiency boost and unexpectedly intelligent features. Capitalise on the latest technological advancements. Our tailor-made IoT solutions for hotels, schools, offices and factories will make your workflow smarter and much more effective.
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Rethinking campuses and cities. Partner with us to make life so much easier for everybody.

Imagine an office building or university campus where all objects and equipment automatically cooperate to help everyone with their daily routine. Students receive news about today’s classes and real-time updates on the availability of specific study rooms. Employees are guided with lights on the ground towards empty bike parking areas during morning peak hours. With IoT, anything is possible, and we are here to make it happen.

Cities present an infinite pile of opportunities for the IoT technology. Automatic air pollution control, intelligent road messages according to weather and traffic conditions, detection of rubbish level in containers, adaptive lighting on the streets. Tell us about the practical issues in your city and we’ll solve them with the IoT.

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Things know more than most people do nowadays. Enable them to enhance your company’s efficiency and security.

The IoT unlocks new opportunities in monitoring customer behaviour or employee workflow. Activity monitoring sensors will provide previously unavailable data for deep analytics. Our IoT solutions for businesses will take your company’s productivity to whole new level.

We work with sensors which enable you to monitor shipment conditions, delicate goods transport route or warehouse stocks and react accordingly in real time. An IoT solution tailored to your company’s needs and specifics can automatise most of the everyday processes and save you large expenses in the long run.

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