Custom-made game development for your clients

Who else should be developing your dreamed-of game than experienced developers in love with the gaming world. Tell us your ideas and we will take care of programming and design.
Entertaing games not only for marketing purpose

Games don’t have to be just about all the fun, they can be used to support your marketing activities or to raise brand awareness. It doesn’t matter if your ideas are elaborated in details or if you need a little bit of help with that. We are happy to work on project, where we can leave our mark and come up with ideas on how to make your game even better.

Apart from development, we are ready create also game design - levels, mechanisms, purchases and microtransactions. We will never allow your game to miss so important details.

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2D and 3D game development for various devices

Whether you want your game for Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS, we can deal with all of these. We will deliver a solution for development, as well as design and visual concept. We can help you figure out possible monetization in form of in-app purchases.

The game wouldn’t be ready to see the light of day without thorough testing conducted by our testers...and all of us in Pixelfield, as we are gamers with all our hearts and souls. We can even arrange user testing for your app, where we invite a few respondents from your target group, who try the game out and give us a very valuable feedback on existing results.

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Finished product is not the end, the journey just begins

After we finish with programming and testing, we will upload your game into relevant stores. It might seem like a finished job, but it is not. The technological development goes on, so it is essential to think of future updater, which will be necessary for the game to work properly on new devices with new versions of operating systems. We can also add new features and make your game better with time.

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We have successfully launched more than 100 projects & products in 8 countries.
FAQ Game development
What technologies do you use for game development?

Most frequently we use the framework Unity, which allows us to publish game as a mobile app as well as an app for Windows or macOS. We work also with other frameworks and the chosen technology depends on the parameters of the game, platforms and your budget.

How much time do you need for development?

This is very hard to say. A simple jumping game can be finished within few weeks, while a more complex game will probably require months to finish.

How much does a mobile game development cost?

The price for development of your mobile game can be specified after a short consultation. However, you need to take into consideration that development of high-quality games for mobile phones and desktops are very time consuming, which results in higher costs.

Do you have experience with mobile game development?

Our team has experience in mobile app development and development of web apps. In both cases, some of our projects were games. From simple ones to more complicated, which can compete with the best games in App Store and Google Play.

How does the development of tailor-made game look like?

Development of games for mobiles or PC is a relatively complicated process. We have to discuss your intentions and what are the goals of your game. We will come up with game logic, levels, visuals… games need a lot of components, but we will guide you through the process.

Why should I invest into game development?

First of all, it is important to define goals, you want to meet. It can be a part of a marketing campaign for your company or the company of your client. The game might support brand awareness, have educational purposes or you can expect your investment to come back thanks to smart monetization.