You can't solve
a problem you haven't identified

Discovery stage helps you to do that
The discovery stage is necessary if you want to succeed with your MVP. We will help you identify the problem and understand the market, the competition on your future customers.
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discovery mvp stage
We have helped with these clients (and others):
Are you 100% sure what problem you're solving?
If not, we are here to help. Discovery stage is here to help.
discovery stage
A project that is not based on data and research is destined to fail.
As a start-up owner and entrepreneur, you are willing to give your project anything it takes. You are determined to succeed and do some good.
But that is just not enough. If you don't start you project in the right way, you will be destined to fail in the future.
That's why we won't let you do that. We will build on a comprehensive reseach and data gathered in the discovery stage. We will make your MVP a success.
If you cheat the discover stage,
whis will happen:
Skiping the discovery stage was never a goof idea. Many start-ups could tell. Maybe this already sounds familiar?
Stuck in the design and prototyping stage
There is nothing wrong with iterating on your idea but it mustn't stop your project. Don't do discovery while you're working on the design.
Drowning in the development costs
You will find out what you've missed later. If you have to redo your development work, you can easily kill your project.
Being affraid to receive feedback
If you base your project on data and research, you don't have to be scared of launch and feedback - at least not that much.
discovery user research
Get to know you users. Understand all their pains and wishes.
Don't you with you had a magic tool that would allow you to know all your client's fears and desires? We have that. It's made of over 7 years of experience and wide range of analytic tools.
You need data to make your start-up succeed. And that is your job, right? You need to know so you can deciced. So you can act.
We will get this data for you.
discovery competition analysis
Map your competion. Map the market. Draw your map to a success.
Let's learn from all the other teams who are trying to solve the same problem.
Lessons learned by those who went the same path before you are one of the most valuable data you can get.
We will also deal with the technical background of your project so we don't have any surprises in the development stage.
Here is how we can help
you build on a solid foundation
Comprehensive user research
Understand you future users. Which segment are we going to target?
Pains and benefits map
What do your users need? What value can we deliver?
User journey map
How will the users use our product? How is the benefit going to be delivered?
Competition and lessons learned
What do we know about our competition? Where have others failed and why?
Hypothesis you're working with
What are assumptions we're working with, and that we'€e going to test?
Understand the technical context
What are the technical challenges we are going to face while developing the MVP?
"We have been developing web and mobile applications with Pixelfield for more than two years. At MusicMap, we appreciate the partnership approach and flexibility that they have shown us throughout our cooperation.“
discovery reference
Jakub Chudy
Questions our clients truly frequently ask
I have made up my mind. Can I skip the discovery stage?
This is, of course, entirely up to you. On the other hand, we always encourage our clients to do the discovery stage properly. If you have already passed this stage, we will just check your resources and give you feedback.
Can I do the discovery stage without your help?
Yes, you can. We are happy to guide you if you want to do most of the work by yourself. We will always check the outcomes of the discovery and tell you if there's anything to add.
Do I have to commit to the whole project to do discovery stage with you?
Not at all. We are happy to help you with your discovery, if that is where you need help. There is no need to sign up for the whole project. That being said, we are of course happy to support you during the design and development stage.
How long does the discovery stage typically takes?
The lenght of the discovery stage depends on the complexity of the project. It would range from just a few days to a month.
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