Solve big problems.

In a week.

The Design Sprint is a collaborative process for innovating & testing products in one week. We team up with your employees to deliver and validate a prototype with real users.

Whether you need a new product from scratch, innovate your existing product or service or just a difficult question answered, we can help.

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Why Design Sprint?

Faster to
the market

Reduce risk
and cost


What does a
Design Sprint
look like?

We begin all Sprints by discovering the challenge and defining a clear goal of the week. The process can change based on the problem we are solving, but outcomes are still the same – expedited solution design, rapid prototyping and real-user testing.

What to expect:

Close collaboration between our experts and your team. There is no 'client' and 'us', we are in this together.

No presentations or wireframes, but a beautifully looking prototype that looks and feels like a real app.

Loads of hard work, but always straight to the point - we sketch fast and we follow a strict process to curate our ideas.


Rapid idea generation

Real users testing your product

What you'll get:


Prototype that has been tested on real customers. This isn’t a stack of wireframes or sketches, it is a fully designed product – something that you can touch, feel and experience.

Report & Roadmap

The report that summarises all the work done during the Design Sprint with suggestions for following steps.


The full audio-video recording of testing interviews with potential users of the product.

Case studies

The outcome of every Design Sprint Week is a high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users, with clear insights on where to go next.

Rethink & Redesign

Albatros, the biggest book publisher in Czech republic, had asked us to rethink their reading app. Over the course of a few sprints, we created a warm and personal hub for your ebooks and audiobooks.

The app is just being developed by our in-house team and is going to be available on App Store and Google Play soon.

Proof of concept

The team behind Saily had an idea – a mobile app for both seasoned and novice sailors that helps them with the check-in process, insurance documentation and more.

During our Sprint together, we had developed a first version of the app’s design, created a website and managed paid traffic to test the product-market fit.

What happens

Design Sprint gives you a huge insight and competitive advantage. Now it’s up to you how you action it.

Option A

Next Sprint

We use the second sprint to iterate and polish your idea, bringing it close to production-readiness.


Option B


We take the outputs from your sprint, and develop your product with our in-house development & design team.

Option C

Handover & Support

We manage the handover to your existing teams or agencies.

We have worked with many successful companies and institutions

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