Virtual travelling for the elderly: Flying Kale’s first product kicked off

Business | Design | Development | News - 9th February 2020
By Marek Hasa

Imagine the elderly in nursing homes, often bedbound, being able to travel again to both exotic destinations and beautiful places in their home country. We’ll soon make this happen with our own VR product!

  • Flying Kale and Pixelfield are about to create their first product for social care – VR travelling experiences tailored for the elderly
  • The first round of user testing at the Nursing home Chodov showed great potential
  • We’re on the lookout for social care experts, dementia researchers and other partners who could help us bring this product concept to life
Using a VR headset was a completely new experience for the participants.

We have some very exciting news for you – Flying Kale has recently made the first crucial steps towards its own digital product for social care, and Pixelfield’s startup developers have lended a helping hand. The product concept is fairly simple: We aim to leverage the immersive, activating potential of the VR technology to bring the clients of elderly homes new perceptions and exciting travelling experiences.

Today’s VR headsets are light and comfy enough to cause no discomfort even to populations with limited experience with new technologies.

We partnered with Nursing home Chodov to conduct the first testing session with real end users – the clients of the nursing home. Each participant underwent a series of immersive experiences ranging from a meeting with a wild elephant in Botswana to a commented walk in the streets of Rome. These experiences were followed by short interviews about the form, content and comfort of what the participants have just seen and heard.

The testing itself was aligned with Flying Kale’s mission – it triggered a lot of joy nad laughter among everyone involved.

The results exceeded our expectations. There is indeed a great potential for virtual reality to enrich the lives of nursing home clients with fun and excitement while also bringing them some real medical impact. And we can’t wait to make this happen!

Flying Kale is a newly founded team focused on digital product design and immersive app development with positive health and social impact. Pixelfield’s VR developers will be responsible for the technical side of this project.

We are now looking for social care experts, dementia researchers and other partners who might be interested in offering a helping hand to bring this product concept to life as fast as possible. If you’re interested, get in touch and stay tuned for more updates!

Written by
Marek Hasa
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