Social Robots – Personality, Not Specs (Pixelfield Podcast ep. 6)

Design | Podcast - 10th December 2019
By Pixelfield team

Social robots are autonomous robots that interact and communicate with humans by following social behaviours and rules attached to their role. In today’s episode, Dominik and Marek chat about what are social robots, question their effectivity, ethics of replacing human interactions with social robots and challenges in the design and future development.

Your hosts:

• Dominik Bura is a Chief Designer at Pixelfield and an advocate for ethical and accessible design

• Marek Háša is a behavioural consultant at Pixelfield and also teaches Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam

• Pixelfield is a product design & development agency with offices in London, Amsterdam and Prague

Written by
Pixelfield team
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