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Advergaming – is it worth the investment?
Marketing - 1st August 2019

If you are working in marketing, or even sales, you know the struggle is real. We are living in a world, where we see so many advertisement every day, read so many slogans, get so many emails with “the best offer”. If you are lucky, your ad will be noticed for a split second.  If…

Are we all in the IT business?
Business - 26th July 2019

As Gary Veynerchuk says, we are all in the media business. No matter if you are a barbershop or an app developer, you need to take care of your media profile and produce exciting content if you want to grow. I am not entirely happy with that because I am not too fond of content…

Why don’t we just test our ideas
Business | Design - 26th July 2019

We all have got that great idea from time to time. We talk about it when we go for a beer with friends or when we get bored on vacation. Taking our ideas to the next level and really starting a business is something that takes a lot of courage and I applaud everyone who…

5 Questions to ask your development team
Development - 26th July 2019

Are you working with an external development team, or are you thinking of hiring one? If you are not a developer yourself, it might be tricky. It is not easy to evaluate your team’s work without detailed knowledge of the project and auditing the code by an external company can be very pricy. But don’t…

Counting on plug-ins? You’re doomed!
Unsorted - 25th July 2019

You need to release your project as soon as possible for the lowest possible cost. Custom software would be too expensive, so you decide to go for an open-source solution. Along the way, you find out that you need more functions than you initially expected and that the sole open-source solution is not going to…

Stop wasting your money on building ideas in isolation
Business | Development - 17th June 2019

We had a meeting with a client a few days ago about how our projects are managed. We found ourselves doing a lot of explaining as our offer was completely different from those the client had received from all the other companies in the tender. So why is it so that eighteen years after the…

5 Digital Healthcare Lessons from CBC 2019
News - 11th June 2019

Let me start this overview of the key insights I learned at the CBC 2019 by depicting my foggy early-morning journey to the 5th annual conference of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change, which offered me a surprisingly comprehensive reminder of the event’s importance. Embarking the plane and trying to catch my train connection to the city, I ran past dozens of people treating themselves with a proper English breakfast – coffee and cigarettes.

Biggest mistakes in communication while working on your digital product
Business - 28th March 2019

The development of your mobile app or website has started and everything looks just great. After a few sprints you realise that the project is not going the way you imagined and you have more questions than answers. Where is the mistake and how to avoid it?

3+1 Ways AR/VR Has Ignited the Transformation of Health Care
Development | News - 7th March 2019

Hearing an excited sigh might be a surprising sensation at the department for severely ill at a children’s hospital. Although Toben, an 11-year-old suffering from Sickle Cell Disease (on the picture above), is just about to undergo a very painful everyday procedure, his charming smile indicates that the Virtual Reality (VR) headset he wears has already brought him to places far more pleasurable and captivating than his hospital bed.

New services in Pixelfield
All - 29th January 2019

We have some big and exciting news to announce! From now on, Pixelfield will be broadening its service portfolio. For a long time now, we’ve aimed to do more than just app development.

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