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Social Robots – Personality, Not Specs (Pixelfield Podcast ep. 6)
Design | Podcast - 10th December 2019

Social robots are autonomous robots that interact and communicate with humans by following social behaviours and rules attached to their role. In today’s episode, Dominik and Marek chat about what are social robots, question their effectivity, ethics of replacing human interactions with social robots and challenges in the design and future development. Your hosts: •…

Introduction to gamification w/ Marek (Pixelfield Podcast ep. 5)
Interview | Podcast - 10th December 2019

In this interview with Marek, Pixelfield’s behavioural expert, we discuss how gamification can help you with your app development process. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on YouTube, or you favourite platform.

Computationalism & how we manage our lives (Pixelfield Podcast ep. 4)
Business | Podcast - 10th December 2019

Have you ever heard of computationalism? Can we think of ourselves in numbers and spreadsheets? How does this affect our lives and daily experiences? Dominik and Filip discuss their experience in managing their lives. Can you design your life be more effective if you plan your day to minutes? How can you measure your progress…

Expert interview: Behavioural science applied to digital product design
Design | Interview - 9th December 2019

How can behavioural science be applied to mobile app design and development? Why is it beneficial to strengthen your UX team with a behavioural expert and how is the diffusion of the digital and physical worlds influencing our behaviour?  Marek Hasa Marek is Pixelfield’s behavioural expert and a teacher of persuasive communication at the University…

Deepfakes & and our privacy, Pixelfield Podcast ep. 3
Podcast - 8th December 2019

In this episode of our podcast, we continue to discuss privacy, deep fakes and the distorted reality we live in. What is going to be the outcome of the ongoing information war? Are we going to fall into lethargy, or will we go back to the information sources we know personally and that we can…

Google cities & the end of privacy – Pixelfield Podcast, ep. 2
Business | News | Podcast - 8th December 2019

How are the ever-present cameras going to affect our privacy? We discuss how the perception of privacy shifts in the digital age. Should we still care about what information is available about us? In the era of deep fakes and other computer-generated imagery, it seems to us that personal privacy is something we will have…

Why are clients afraid to work with agencies? We asked them.
Business - 5th December 2019

I am not impartial. I work in an agency but I also have to admit that I understand new potential clients when I see they are hesitating to hire a team. There are pros and cons to the agency model and every agency has its own ups and downs. But we have to agree that…

Get Ready For the Ultimate Immersion – The Future of AR/VR with 5G
Business | Development - 26th November 2019

Have you ever tried an AR app or walked through a VR environment with a special headset covering your eyes and ears and thought: Wow, this is amazing! Then you’d better come up with some next level superlatives fast because a brand new era of digital immersion is coming – the one with 5G all…

It’s ok to fail, Jony Ive & chatbots
Business | Podcast - 26th November 2019

The first episode of our podcats. We are talking about the fear of not being successful with your products. It is normal to be scared, but you can’t let the fear paralyze you. We have seen several app development projects where the founder decided to work on the product for long months or even years…

Can you as a founder work with an agency and succeed?
Business - 20th November 2019

I am both a founder and a director of an app development agency. We specialize in MVP development and design, but we sometimes outsource our work to the third parties. This made me wonder – how risky it is, hiring an agency to do the job for you? I was considering outsourcing our PPC and…

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