Interview with Michal, our CTO

Interview - 6th February 2018
By Pixelfield team

How is your weekend so far?

It’s almost the same as every weekend, I’m working. We’re just finishing up one big mobile app and launching it on Tuesday, so we are working on last bugs.

How do you balance work and personal life? Is possible at all?

It depends. My work life is very much connected with the personal one. I try not to work at home, but I am always in touch with clients and almost always ready to solve urgent problems. It is not possible to separate it and I do not want to, work is my life.

What do you do when you have some free time?

There is not much of free time for me. I go either to ride a motorbike or play in a theater, which is not quite typical for a developer, but it is a great way to clean up your head and then better focus on work.

How did you like the 2017?

We did a lot of phone apps, which was great. This year, I worked primarily on them and used all the knowledge I have gained so far. We primarily made hybrid applications that I personally prefer because of their benefits.

Where do you see opportunities for 2018?

The biggest innovation is clearly PWA, a progressive web application. It is not a brand new technology, rather better use of contemporary technologies.

Would you recommend PWA instead of a native application?

This is not an easy question, it is always necessary to know the specific case. But I dare to say that many applications would work great as PWA. The biggest advantage I can see is that all the platforms – iOS, Android and computers with any system – are dealt within one implementation.

On the other hand, where would you not use PWA?

So primarily for 3D games or games where high performance is needed. For example, if the application is almost entirely based on mapping, then it is better to build it on this native element and give the user a better experience.

How has mobile app development changed in recent years?

It has expanded a lot. Mobile apps are not just a matter of interest today, it’s what most people are using on daily basis.

What technologies of the last years most influenced your life?

I was most affected by hybrid technology – the Cordova platform and the Ionic framework. Above it all, the second one is developing at a lightning pace and its use is more than joyful every day.

Have you made some resolutions in the New Year?

I did not. I’m not a person who needs an opportunity to change things. When I want something, I will do it or change it. Sometimes it’s not quite easy, but it’s still better than waiting for the end of the year to change my mind.

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Pixelfield team
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