Growth hacking and sustainable growth with Craig Zingerline (Pixelfield podcast ep. 10)

Business | Interview | Marketing | Podcast - 30th December 2019
By Pixelfield team

In the final episode of 2019, we had the pleasure to discuss the topics of growth hacking and sustainable product growth with Craig Zingerline. By virtue of his vast and varied experience in this field, Craig was able to offer us both the growth hacker and startup founder perspective.

We deconstructed growth hacking as a distinct discipline for some and a buzzword for other, took a stroll through the AARRR model, talked about the importance of sustainability and summed up some key learnings for entrepreneurs and founders in terms of marketing and growth. Enjoy!

This episode’s guest:

  • Craig Zingerline is an entrepreneur, growth & product leader and Chief Product Officer at Sandboxx.
  • Craig has a strong background in technology, product management, and B2B/B2C marketing & growth. Apart from his role at Sandboxx, he is also a multiple-time founder, author, and advisor on growth hacking.

Your host:

  • Marek Hasa is Pixelfield’s marketing and behavioural adviser.
  • Pixelfield is a product design & development consultancy with offices in London, Amsterdam and Prague
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Pixelfield team
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