Gamification in digital product design with Dr Zac Fitz-Walter (Pixelfield podcast ep. 11)

Design | Development | Interview | Podcast - 28th January 2020
By Pixelfield team

We are kicking off the new decade of the Pixelfield podcast with a very fun topic and an even more exciting guest. Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter joined us to discuss the art and science behind increasing motivation and engagement with gamification. We touched upon different approaches to motivational design, talked about the main components of gamification, and discussed when and why it might be particularly useful to apply gamified elements in your digital product design. Enjoy!

Listen to the episode here!

This episode’s guest:

  • Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter is a speaker, trainer, lecturer and gamer. He earned of the world’s first PhDs in gamification and taught several university courses on the topic.
  • Zac provides companies and government organizations with workshops and guidance on how to effectively apply game mechanics and gamified elements in non-game environments.
  • https://zacfitzwalter.com/

Your host:

  • Marek Hasa is Pixelfield’s marketing and behavioural adviser.
  • Pixelfield is a digital design & development company with offices in London, Amsterdam and Prague.

Follow Zac on LinkedIn here or follow him on Twitter! 👇

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Pixelfield team
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