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Virtual travelling for the elderly: Flying Kale’s first product kicked off
Business | Design | Development | News - 9th February 2020

Imagine the elderly in nursing homes, often bedbound, being able to travel again to both exotic destinations and beautiful places in their home country. We’ll soon make this happen with our own VR product! Flying Kale and Pixelfield are about to create their first product for social care – VR travelling experiences tailored for the…

Google cities & the end of privacy – Pixelfield Podcast, ep. 2
Business | News | Podcast - 8th December 2019

How are the ever-present cameras going to affect our privacy? We discuss how the perception of privacy shifts in the digital age. Should we still care about what information is available about us? In the era of deep fakes and other computer-generated imagery, it seems to us that personal privacy is something we will have…

Pixelfield about to design a truly life-changing mobile game
News - 15th September 2019

Our team has recently set off on an ambitious journey to developing a mobile game that will help people diminish their OCD symptoms. People who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (You’d be surprised how many of your friends also live with at least mild OCD symptoms!) have to deal with reoccuring uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions) and…

5 Digital Healthcare Lessons from CBC 2019
News - 11th June 2019

Let me start this overview of the key insights I learned at the CBC 2019 by depicting my foggy early-morning journey to the 5th annual conference of UCL’s Centre for Behaviour Change, which offered me a surprisingly comprehensive reminder of the event’s importance. Embarking the plane and trying to catch my train connection to the city, I ran past dozens of people treating themselves with a proper English breakfast – coffee and cigarettes.

3+1 Ways AR/VR Has Ignited the Transformation of Health Care
Development | News - 7th March 2019

Hearing an excited sigh might be a surprising sensation at the department for severely ill at a children’s hospital. Although Toben, an 11-year-old suffering from Sickle Cell Disease (on the picture above), is just about to undergo a very painful everyday procedure, his charming smile indicates that the Virtual Reality (VR) headset he wears has already brought him to places far more pleasurable and captivating than his hospital bed.