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Make money with your app: 9 popular mobile app monetization strategies
Business | Marketing - 12th November 2019

Even the best app idea can lead to failure and disappointment if it’s not accompanied by a suitable way of generating income with the final digital product. As you will soon find out, paid downloads are definitely not the only possible source of income – this article will offer you nine prevalent monetization tools. Your…

Mobile App Development – Price and Expenses
Business | Development | Marketing - 16th October 2019

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? If don’t have any experience with creating digital products, you probably have very little clue when it comes to the necessary expenses. The amount of the initial investment is determined by multiple factors – this article will cover them one by one, following the sequence…

Advergaming – is it worth the investment?
Marketing - 1st August 2019

If you are working in marketing, or even sales, you know the struggle is real. We are living in a world, where we see so many advertisement every day, read so many slogans, get so many emails with “the best offer”. If you are lucky, your ad will be noticed for a split second.  If…

Avoid these ads to stop losing users
Marketing - 2nd July 2018

Imagine having the most beautiful website you could dream of. Creating a competitive website is not cheap these days, you have certainly paid a fair amount of money, so it is not a surprise that you want that money back. A lot of websites use advertisements to benefit from.

The importance of banner blindness
Design | Development | Marketing - 24th April 2018

It is said that an average person in the city is exposed to more than 4000 ads every day. This number is very hard to process, so our brains focus only on those ads, that are relevant for us at the time.