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Gamification in digital product design with Dr Zac Fitz-Walter (Pixelfield podcast ep. 11)
Design | Development | Interview | Podcast - 28th January 2020

We are kicking off the new decade of the Pixelfield podcast with a very fun topic and an even more exciting guest. Dr. Zac Fitz-Walter joined us to discuss the art and science behind increasing motivation and engagement with gamification. We touched upon different approaches to motivational design, talked about the main components of gamification,…

Growth hacking and sustainable growth with Craig Zingerline (Pixelfield podcast ep. 10)
Business | Interview | Marketing | Podcast - 30th December 2019

In the final episode of 2019, we had the pleasure to discuss the topics of growth hacking and sustainable product growth with Craig Zingerline. By virtue of his vast and varied experience in this field, Craig was able to offer us both the growth hacker and startup founder perspective. We deconstructed growth hacking as a…

Humans of the Amsterdam startup scene
Business | Interview | Unsorted - 22nd December 2019

What is the essence of Amsterdam’s startup scene? The picturesque streets of the Dutch capital are not only aesthetically pleasing. They also host a tremendous amount of emerging startups, big and small, with potential that exceeds the borders of the Netherlands. To capture the soul of the Amsterdam startup scene and understand what makes it…

The value of data-informed product management with Clement Kao (Pixelfield podcast ep. 9)
Business | Interview | Podcast - 18th December 2019

For this episode, we invited Clement Kao from Product Manager HQ and Blend to share his vast pile of insights and experience with product management. We talked about the importance of being data-informed instead of data-driven, the value of qualitative insights for different types of startups and some key digital product management tips for entrepreneurs…

Key trends in online advertising with Sergey Shchelkov (Pixelfield podcast ep. 8)
Interview | Marketing | Podcast - 15th December 2019

We invited Sergey Shchelkov from Epom Ad Server to discuss the current trends and future prospects of the online advertising world. We touched upon the ad-blocking phenomenon, efficiency of the most popular ad formats, programmatic buying, the rise and fall of ad servers and the future of digital ads with 5G on the horizon.  Your…

Introduction to gamification w/ Marek (Pixelfield Podcast ep. 5)
Interview | Podcast - 10th December 2019

In this interview with Marek, Pixelfield’s behavioural expert, we discuss how gamification can help you with your app development process. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on YouTube, or you favourite platform.

Expert interview: Behavioural science applied to digital product design
Design | Interview - 9th December 2019

How can behavioural science be applied to mobile app design and development? Why is it beneficial to strengthen your UX team with a behavioural expert and how is the diffusion of the digital and physical worlds influencing our behaviour?  Marek Hasa Marek is Pixelfield’s behavioural expert and a teacher of persuasive communication at the University…

Interview with Lukas, our lead front-end dev.
Interview - 6th February 2018

What was your favorite project last year and why?

I’ve worked on so many projects that it’s hard to pick only one.

Interview with our CEO Filip
Interview - 6th February 2018

We have started the company about five years ago. It was mostly fun at the beginning and we were not really serious about it.

Interview with Michal, our CTO
Interview - 6th February 2018

How is your weekend so far?

It’s almost the same as every weekend, I’m working. We’re just finishing up one big mobile app and launching it on Tuesday, so we are working on last bugs.