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Expert interview: Behavioural science applied to digital product design
Design | Interview - 9th December 2019

How can behavioural science be applied to mobile app design and development? Why is it beneficial to strengthen your UX team with a behavioural expert and how is the diffusion of the digital and physical worlds influencing our behaviour?  Marek Hasa Marek is Pixelfield’s behavioural expert and a teacher of persuasive communication at the University…

12 Rules for a Successful Digital Product
Business | Design | Development - 6th November 2019

Do you plan to create a website, develop a mobile application, a web application or any other digital product? We have prepared 12 rules that you must follow to have a good chance of succeeding with your project. 1 – Find a unique value Clearly define the main features of the new product, what problem…

How to Transform Your Wobbly User Journey into an Exciting and Smooth Waterslide
Design | Development - 22nd September 2019

“Your user journey is like a box of chocolates. You never know where you’re gonna get,” said Forrest. Well, not quite. But if this adjusted quote applies to your digital product even in the slightest, you should seriously consider reading this article and getting inspired by the powerful synergy of smart UX design and behavioural…

User testing — a good servant but a bad master
Design - 21st September 2019

There are few things as popular among digital agencies and developers these days as user testing. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely believe in exposing our ideas and gathering feedback as often as possible. That being said, I have seen some projects being ruined by user testing. We have to be careful about how…

Why don’t we just test our ideas
Business | Design - 26th July 2019

We all have got that great idea from time to time. We talk about it when we go for a beer with friends or when we get bored on vacation. Taking our ideas to the next level and really starting a business is something that takes a lot of courage and I applaud everyone who…

F-Pattern in UX
Design - 11th May 2018

Users want to be efficient, so they almost never read the whole page. We have already written an article about banner blindness, which means that people are often skipping everything what looks like a banner. In fact, users are said to read the pages in a way, which creates the letter F.

Gestures in mobile apps
Design | Development - 30th April 2018

When was the last time you have used a gesture on your mobile phone? It was probably a few seconds ago, but you haven’t even realised it.

UX in m-commerce
Design - 30th April 2018

Back in 2013, the mobile commerce revenue reached 98 billion US dollars. The next year, in 2014 this number has risen to 184 billion, which is twice as much.

The right direction of mobile UX
Design | Development - 27th April 2018

Do you remember the times when using the internet on your smartphone was a torture rather than help? User experience used to be on a completely different level ten years ago.

The importance of banner blindness
Design | Development | Marketing - 24th April 2018

It is said that an average person in the city is exposed to more than 4000 ads every day. This number is very hard to process, so our brains focus only on those ads, that are relevant for us at the time.

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