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Are we all in the IT business?
Business - 26th July 2019

As Gary Veynerchuk says, we are all in the media business. No matter if you are a barbershop or an app developer, you need to take care of your media profile and produce exciting content if you want to grow. I am not entirely happy with that because I am not too fond of content…

Why don’t we just test our ideas
Business | Design - 26th July 2019

We all have got that great idea from time to time. We talk about it when we go for a beer with friends or when we get bored on vacation. Taking our ideas to the next level and really starting a business is something that takes a lot of courage and I applaud everyone who…

Stop wasting your money on building ideas in isolation
Business | Development - 17th June 2019

We had a meeting with a client a few days ago about how our projects are managed. We found ourselves doing a lot of explaining as our offer was completely different from those the client had received from all the other companies in the tender. So why is it so that eighteen years after the…

Biggest mistakes in communication while working on your digital product
Business - 28th March 2019

The development of your mobile app or website has started and everything looks just great. After a few sprints you realise that the project is not going the way you imagined and you have more questions than answers. Where is the mistake and how to avoid it?

Mobile apps in tourism: low-cost airlines
Business | Development - 18th May 2018

Long gone are the times when buying a flight ticket was not only very expensive, but also time-consuming. You had to go to the airport or the company office. Nowadays is everything much simpler.

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