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Protection od product in phase of Proof of Concept
How to protect your idea in the Proof of Concept and MVP phase?
Business | Design | Development - 13th December 2021

If you are embarking on the development of a new product or MVP, it is essential to protect your idea against potential misuse. We asked the experts from AZ Legal how to approach this issue. Protection according to the Civil Code “The protection of a new business idea stems directly from the Civil Code, which…

MVP and PoC of digital product
MVP and Proof of Concept of digital product
Business | Development | Marketing - 13th December 2021

Are you creating a new digital product and need to confirm that it will work? What does an MVP and Proof of Concept look like in terms of promotion? We asked a colleague at Marketup. What did the PoC of your business look like? When I co-founded our company Marketup with Mirko Král, we had…

Lean Canvas: what it is, use and template
Business - 13th December 2021

Lean Canvas is, in short, a one-page business plan. It will help you to clarify your priorities and answer basic questions before you start preparing your project. Template: Lean Canvas Template in PDF Lean Canvas Figma Template

The Science of Appealing Elevator Pitches for Your Retail Startup Funding
Business - 10th February 2020

We entrepreneurs tend to shy away from the word “science.” Unless of course, we are in some “scientific” field. But most of us are not. We are business owners who are busy doing all that we can to market and grow our companies. When someone speaks of the “science” of an elevator pitch, then, what…

How to survive your first year in business (podcast ep. 12)
Business | Podcast - 9th February 2020

Becoming an entrepreneur might be hard, especially in the first year. You have to balance your work and personal life, and be ready to work as (probably) never before. How to survive your first year in business? Our director Filip asked 4 entrepreneurs from all around the world about their experience. Listen to the episode…

Virtual travelling for the elderly: Flying Kale’s first product kicked off
Business | Design | Development | News - 9th February 2020

Imagine the elderly in nursing homes, often bedbound, being able to travel again to both exotic destinations and beautiful places in their home country. We’ll soon make this happen with our own VR product! Flying Kale and Pixelfield are about to create their first product for social care – VR travelling experiences tailored for the…

MVP – what is it and why is it crucial for your business?
Business | Design | Development - 6th January 2020

Minimum viable product. The MVP. If you’re part of the busy world of digital products, websites, mobile apps, and web applications, I’m sure you know all too well what we’re talking about. But let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. If you’re in too much of a rush, we prepared a super-quick summary…

Growth hacking and sustainable growth with Craig Zingerline (Pixelfield podcast ep. 10)
Business | Interview | Marketing | Podcast - 30th December 2019

In the final episode of 2019, we had the pleasure to discuss the topics of growth hacking and sustainable product growth with Craig Zingerline. By virtue of his vast and varied experience in this field, Craig was able to offer us both the growth hacker and startup founder perspective. We deconstructed growth hacking as a…

Humans of the Amsterdam startup scene
Business | Interview | Unsorted - 22nd December 2019

What is the essence of Amsterdam’s startup scene? The picturesque streets of the Dutch capital are not only aesthetically pleasing. They also host a tremendous amount of emerging startups, big and small, with potential that exceeds the borders of the Netherlands. To capture the soul of the Amsterdam startup scene and understand what makes it…

48 priorities for start-ups: Cards (Free download)
Business | Resources - 19th December 2019

There are so many things you have to focus on as an entrepreneur. It might be hard to see where your problems are and what you should focus on. This is why we have prepared 48 issues you have to focus if you want to succeed. From our experience, it always helps a lot to…

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