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Pixelfield about to design a truly life-changing mobile game
App development | News - 15th September 2019

Our team has recently set off on an ambitious journey to developing a mobile game that will help people diminish their OCD symptoms. People who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (You’d be surprised how many of your friends also live with at least mild OCD symptoms!) have to deal with reoccuring uncontrollable thoughts (obsessions) and…

Stop wasting your money on building ideas in isolation
App development | Business - 17th June 2019

We had a meeting with a client a few days ago about how our projects are managed. We found ourselves doing a lot of explaining as our offer was completely different from those the client had received from all the other companies in the tender. So why is it so that eighteen years after the…

3+1 Ways AR/VR Has Ignited the Transformation of Health Care
App development | News - 7th March 2019

Hearing an excited sigh might be a surprising sensation at the department for severely ill at a children’s hospital. Although Toben, an 11-year-old suffering from Sickle Cell Disease (on the picture above), is just about to undergo a very painful everyday procedure, his charming smile indicates that the Virtual Reality (VR) headset he wears has already brought him to places far more pleasurable and captivating than his hospital bed.

Mobile apps in tourism: low-cost airlines
App development | Business - 18th May 2018

Long gone are the times when buying a flight ticket was not only very expensive, but also time-consuming. You had to go to the airport or the company office. Nowadays is everything much simpler.

Hybrid apps as a new trend
App development - 4th May 2018

Mobile apps have become an essential part of our everyday lives. It is so convenient to use them, as they are still ready to serve us in your pockets.

Gestures in mobile apps
App development | Web design - 30th April 2018

When was the last time you have used a gesture on your mobile phone? It was probably a few seconds ago, but you haven’t even realised it.

The right direction of mobile UX
App development | Web design | Web development - 27th April 2018

Do you remember the times when using the internet on your smartphone was a torture rather than help? User experience used to be on a completely different level ten years ago.