Advergaming – is it worth the investment?

Marketing - 1st August 2019
By Michaela Dvořáková

If you are working in marketing, or even sales, you know the struggle is real. We are living in a world, where we see so many advertisement every day, read so many slogans, get so many emails with “the best offer”. If you are lucky, your ad will be noticed for a split second. 

If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself the same question every single day. What can you do to step out of the line?

The answer might be advergaming. Before you start reading, be aware that I am not saying it is a suitable solution for everyone. It is not. But it is definitely something, which brings great results to those companies, who have invested in advergaming and did it right. 

You might have already guessed that advergaming is a marketing tool using gamification to get people pay attention to your brand or product. Although some people think that it is something new and modern, it is not. The term advergaming was first used already in 2000 by Anthony Giallourakis. 

Why all the games and fun

Let’s have a look at some of the successful stories. We don’t even have to far. Our game developers in Pixelfield have launched a great example recently. It is an mobile app for one of the biggest companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The app is using augmented reality to connect the brand and fun experience. So what is it all about? You need to be in a restaurant, where you can buy draught Kofola (a soft drink brand). After you scan their logo on their mug, a monster will start running around you in the restaurant (only on the screen of course) and your task is to catch it. After that you get points and coins, which can be then used for buying staff to help you with next levels. Their marketing results are more than enviable. 

Hundreds of thousands users looking for places where they can order Kofola and beat their friends with a better score. And the biggest benefit? People get angry for not receiving a mug with Kofola’s logo. Isn’t it something we all want?

A little bit of theory

Advergaming can have various purposes. It might be brand awareness, introduction of a new product, brand activation, support of other marketing campaigns. The best part is, that people are more likely to give you their personal information. Pride has a big role there. Who wouldn’t sign up with their email account, when they have the opportunity to be listed in a high score table. This way you can collect the information and use it for your future campaigns. 

Also, if the game is successful, your brand will no more be just “the company selling this and that”. You are going to be the company, which “allowed me to catch 35 super cool monsters, which is much more than my best friend has.” 

This one depends on your industry, but thanks to advergaming, most of the companies are able to reach a broad spectrum of consumers of various ages. 

Getting people to play and interact with your brand

By this time, you are probably wondering how much you need to invest into promotion of your game, as the development and design itself is not cheap at all. Well, it is hard to answer. Of course, it is great if you have a budget for TV advertisement. But always remember that if the game is good enough, you can start with much smaller investment. Never underestimate human playfulness and competitiveness, which can result in a very effective WOM (word of mouth), which is, after all, much more effective than paid advertisement. 

Written by
Michaela Dvořáková
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