48 priorities for start-ups: Cards (Free download)

Business | Resources - 19th December 2019
By Pixelfield team

There are so many things you have to focus on as an entrepreneur. It might be hard to see where your problems are and what you should focus on. This is why we have prepared 48 issues you have to focus if you want to succeed. From our experience, it always helps a lot to visualise your problems. This is why we have created those cards – to help you visualise and prioritise.

Those cards will help you to identify the problems you have. Then, of course, it is up to you to take action! Don’t forget to re-evaluate your priorities, and you progress from time to time. If you don’ want to print these cards yourself, you can order the printed version – just send us an e-mail. You can also find more resources that might help you on your way towards success! Good luck;).

How to use start-up cards?

1. Print your cards.
2. Sort the cards into three categories:
a) This is very urgent!
b) We need to work on this in the future.
c) We have got this covered.
3. Pick the top 3 priorities that you have to solve.
4. Write an action plan for each card.
5. Implement your plan.
6. Re-evaluate your priorities.

How did we come up with this?

We work with start-ups a lot! We have seen many struggle with the same problems. We mostly help as UX designers and app developers for startups, but we also share our experience with strategy and execution.

Did we miss something? We are eager to learn from your experience. Let us know about your start-ups, your journey and the difficulties you have to deal with.

The printed version is waiting for you

We also have a printed version for you. Do you want one? Just send us an e-mail.

Written by
Pixelfield team
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