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We build apps and games with blockchain elements. We have experience with different crypto projects, from wallets to exchanges and minting tokens.
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We have worked for big companies too
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You need an experienced team to build your next blockchain projects. A team that cares. A team that can wants your product to be the next big thing. That's us.
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Designers with experience with blockchain apps
Our product designers worked on several blockchain projects before, and we can help you define a product that utilises this technology as much as possible.
UX and UI designers on our team are here to help you deliver engaging and contemporary interface and user experience.
We can also hand over our design and prototypes, if you've got your own development team.
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Blockchain app development, token minting and deployment
We have a team of over 30 developers that can help you build your next blockchain app.
We can take of both front-end and back-end development, and deliver a project big or small.
We work with variate of technoligies, and we can help with a crypto exchange as much as with NFT game development.
Blockchain development
What we can do for you
Let's design and build a custom app, web or mobile, using blockchain technology.
We can work with different tokens in different ways. Let's mint, sell or use NFTs on your platform.
Blockchain, tokens and games go hand in hand, and can bring the fun to the next level!
Development company agile to the bones
We're on a mission to build products we can read about in news.
We're the best fit for ambicious teams.
Build on data
Let's not build on a guess. Before blockchain development starts, we need to make sure we know what the product is and how we're going to get there.
Build a roadmap and release fast. Our designers for blockchain apps are used to deliver the first version fast, so we can iterate and gradually get better.
Launch fast
Feedback from the market is everything. Whether we're minting and NFT, deploying a smart contract or building a wallet, we need to gather feedback from real users.
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London Office
Pixelfield - blockchain developers
57a Hatton Garden, Areaworks Farringdon,
London EC1N 8JG
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FAQ Blockchain development
How long does it take to develop a custom blockchain app?
We believe that an MVP should be launch within 3-5 months. Everything else means it is defined poorly.
Do you have python and solidity developers?
Yes, our blockchain engineers work with these technologies no daily basis.
Can you help us with a larger project, like an NFT marketplace?
We worked on small projects and large project with hundreds of mandays as well.
Is your team based in London?
Our core team is London based. You can always meet us in person when you need to.
Can you help us with design only?
Absolutely, if you have your own developers, we're happy to help you with the user experience.
What is your manday rate for a blockchain developer?
Our prices are competitive, and differ based on seniority and skillset.
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