It's time to make your MVP a reality

Beta stage is where the magic happens
We have started with an idea. We have come up with the solution. We have tested all our assumptions. Now it is time for the developers to make your MVP a reality.
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We have helped with these clients (and others):
We deliver a code you can build on. Our process gets you started fast but we do not compromise on quality, so the MVP can be enhanced in the future, by us or your inhouse team.
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Platform is just a way to deliver the value. We've got all of them covered.
Do not let the platform shape your product. It always needs to go the other way around.
We've got you covered wheather you decide to go for web, mobile or desktop. We have a broad range of technologies in our portfolio, offering develop
MVP development
There's a lot we need to do during the development stage.
Final design
We will cover the whole functionality in the prototype. But there is always the need for some more design work during the development.
Writing the code
Most of the time, we will be writing the code for front-end, back-end and the server part of your future MVP.
We love bugs! And we want to find all of them before the launch. Jokes aside, careful testing is present from the beginning until the end.
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There is no good outcome from chaos. Only professional process delivers the results you need.
We use mix of agile and classic project management to give you the flexibility all start-ups need while maintaing control over the progress.
We are able to align your process with yours if that's what's benefitical for the project.
If not, we are here to guide you during the whole process. Our experienced project managers will keep the development on track to assure what is most important - on-time delivery.
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We know how important it is for a start-up to keep ownership of the product.
That's why we want you to understand your product and the code. We will create a comprehensive documentation. Don't worry, our code is commented too.
Building an in-house development or ops team? We know it sometimes makes sense.
We are happy to hand over the work to your operations team, or train your new developer who are going to build on our work.
Few examples of the
products we deliver
Mobile apps
We can help you with app developemnt for both Android and iOS, mobile phones and tablets. More about mobile app development.
Web apps and websites
We have created small but working landing pages, and complex web-based applications. Read more about web app development or website development.
Dekstop apps
We offer bespoke app development for Windows or Mac. Interested in reading more about custom software development?
AR experiences
Promote your products or brand with the power of AR and WebAR. Stand out and bring your customer relationships to another dimension. More about ar development.
VR experiences
Is your product going to be a VR app or a game? We can help you with development for all major platforms. Read more about virtual reality development.
IoT projects
Internet of things has enormous potentional in many industries. It's also fun, too. Read more about IoT development.
Experienced MVP developers
We have a stable team of experienced developers who can help you with most of the platforms. These are some of the start-ups we have helped.
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MVP development
We helped MusicMap not only with the development itself but also with the prototyping and discovery stage.
The development itself was challenging. We had to create two mobile apps both for Android and iOS, server, a website and two separate back-ends.
But we did just that. Within just a few month, we have started selling tickets and we have proven the concept. This allowed us to build more and MusicMap is our client for many years to come.
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"We have been developing web and mobile applications with Pixelfield for more than two years. At MusicMap, we appreciate the partnership approach and flexibility that they have shown us throughout our cooperation.“
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Jakub Chudy
Following project stages
mvp launch and support
Launch & support
Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.
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Questions about MVP development
Do you have inhouse development team?
Yes, we do. We have a skilled core team and we are able to scale our capacity if it's neccesary.
How long does the MVP development take?
Normaly the development of a MVP would take from 1 month to 4 months. But every project is different.
Which platforms are within your skillset?
Mobile, web, desktop and AR/VR. Don't forget that the platform is just a way to deliver your value.
Can you work with prototype created by someone else?
Yes, but we will have to test the prototype before we start with the development. We need to make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises.
Can we do the development with our inhouse team?
Sure, that is not a problem at all. We are happy to help you just with the product design and MVP definition.
Do you outsource your developers?
No, we don't. Our inhouse team works exclusively on our projects and we do not do bodyshopping.