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Virtual and augmented realities can help your business get closer to a new customer segments or just make life in your company easier. There are no boundaries, explore all the business opportunities offered by AR/VR.
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Project consultation

Are you considering developing a product using virtual or virtual reality and do not know how you like to let go? We will advise you on the product concept and development process.

AR/VR app concept

We will help you with the project from its conception. Together with you, we can verify the concept, feasibility, interest, and user testing of future users.

AR/VR development

We will take care of the complete development of a new application for virtual or augmented reality - from design to launching into stores. We will also take care of testing,

Game in AR or VR

Want to make your users happy by playing? We will create a game concept with you that makes sense for your business and take care of subsequent developments.

Models and production

Every virtual reality application needs models. Whether invented or created by objects in the real world. We take care of creating models.

Long-term cooperation

The application never stops. We'll follow with you on how they are meeting their goals, and we'll help you further refine and improve your product.

AR/VR references

We are proud of all our projects! Take a look at the developments for virtual and augmented reality that we have recently implemented.
augmented reality app development
augmented reality app development
Penozrouti 2 is a augmented reality game launched by Kofola as part of its summer campaign. And our development team was there!
We took care of complete development of mobile application, subsequent operation and updates. How does the application work? Just point your phone's camera at your kofola and one of the fools will pop up. Your goal is to capture him!
How did the campaign turn out? The app has reaped great responses in both AppStore and Google Play. The media impact has been multiplied on social networks, YoutTube and other channels. You may not be surprised that the app has reached hundreds of thousands of people.
Project detail

From fun to business, virtual and augmented reality development can boost your sales.

Although many people still think that virtual and augmented realities are good only for entertainment purpose, the truth is different. It is that commercial VR and AR technologies are slowly outrunning entertainment activities.

Thanks to these technologies, that are very popular among consumers, your company can gain a huge competitive advantage or you can optimise workflow among your employees.

Sky is not the limit anymore.
Would you like to raise brand awareness?
Create a game your customers will love.
Do you want to help your customers visualize your products in their homes?
Give them an app which will set your goods right into their living rooms.
Are you looking for a solution to entertain your patients while they are waiting for their procedures?
Take them into a colorful world of virtual reality.
Would you like the guest in your restaurant to see what meals you offer?
Give them an interactive menu, which shows them just how tasty your herb butter roast chicken looks.
Do you want to know when your coworkers have time to consult your ideas?
Take them into a colorful world of virtual reality.
Would you like the guest in your restaurant to see what meals you offer?
Give them an interactive menu, which shows them just how tasty your herb butter roast chicken looks.
From an idea to flawless execution.

Our services are not limited only to the AR/VR development itself. In the first phase of your project we offer consulting, where we set up a meeting to talk about your ideas. If there is something we can share our insight on, we will. This way you can get even more ideas on how to make the product better and more effective with regards to your business plans. After having a clear idea of all the features, we create prototypes, which can be used for user testing, as well as just for you to see how your project progresses.

Next thing we do is taking the prototype and turning it into a final functional product. During the whole process you will be updated on the progress we have made on our project, so that you don’t have to worry about deadlines not being met. After we finish your project, our cooperation is not over. We are always happy to help with following updates and extensions or inspire you to start with a new innovation to help your business grow.

FAQ Virtual and Augmented Reality Programming
What is VR?
Virtual reality is a technology, which creates a simulated environment. Using VR devices, you can find yourself in your favourite store, city or even in a different universe. It is an immersive experience, where everything else disappears and the only thing you see is the “new” virtual reality.
What is AR?
Augmented reality, unlike the virtual one, uses elements of your real surroundings. Augmented reality simulates object around you. Thanks to this experience you can for example enjoy watching your colleagues battling imaginatery dinosaur. Or you can try to battle him yourself.
How to choose between so many virtual and augmented reality development companies?
Your partners for VR/AR development should be reliable and experienced. Virtual and augmented reality programming is not a piece of cake and you need long-term partners, who will be happy to cooperate and develop your product even in the future, when new technologies come.
How much does an AR/VR development cost?
The cost of virtual and augmented reality programming cannot be set without more detailed specification. Complex project can take up to couple of months, which increases the costs as well.
How do virtual reality apps work?
Virtual reality headsets represent a special form of display, which is attached directly to user’s head. They allow the users to see a whole new imaginary world, which completely replaces their current surroundings.
How do augmented reality apps work?
Augmented reality apps require using smartphone or tablet with a camera. This device needs to be aimed on an object to identify it and show the element of virtual reality - these can be for example funny characters running around you or data about the object.