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We are experienced mobile app development and design agency based in London. We have over seven years of experience helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and corporates to launch their digital products and boost their KPIs.
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Without an experienced team, your project is set to fail. You need a team that is as invested as you are. That is what we do. Helping both start-ups and corporates launch their products.
What we can do for you
Application concept & roadmap
There are always many ideas and ways to go. Our app development agency will help you choose the right way. We will prioritize the app backlog together and create a roadmap.
Application design & prototype
In this stage, the concept is becoming a reality. Our app designers and app developers will create an interactive prototype of the future mobile app and prepare handover for developers.
App development process
We only have the best app developers in our agency. From front-end to back-end, we use the latest technology for mobile app development. We can help with native and hybrid mobile development.
User testing of the app
There is nothing more valuable to any business than feedback. That is why user testing is always a part of our app development process. Quality control is an essential part of our process.
Management & quality control
Let's be agile and lean as possible and tailor the app development to your needs. We use Prince 2 Agile methodology to ensure the app is delivered on time and in the best quality.
Support the app after launch
We do not only deliver the app. The mobile app development process is only the first step on our journey. We are here for you to support your operations and develop the app further.
Our Work
Here are a few examples of our app developers' work. Our development company works both for big brands and start-ups. We are here to help your app development project too.
mobile application development agency portfolio
new way to monetize your content
There are quite a few platforms that let you share content with your followers - but Stagiro brings the best user experience by far.
Our London based design team is behind the cheeky branding and the user interface, too. We aimed to bring an app-like feel to web app users.
Stagiro has launched recently, but we still work on new releases and functionality, and our development company became a partner for a long-run.
Case study
"We are delighted with the result, user reviews are great. With Pixelfield we continue to develop the application and are already working together on other new projects.“
Bretislav Hanzel
Albatros Media
app developers portfolio
Mobile application development
Our designers and mobile app developers created Ameli - a dating app for young Muslim professionals living in London.
Case Study
app agency reference
App design and application development
LegalNode is an ambitious start-up providing its customers with e-signatures compliant with the EU legislation. They asked our mobile app developers to deliver their MVP.
Case Study
Welcome to Pixelfield, your
App development agency in London
app development agency in London
Why work with us?
As an app development agency in London, we have worked with big companies as well as start-ups, which gave us valuable insight into what all kind of businesses needs.
Our mission is to supply you with the skillset your digital project needs to succeed. If your idea is in its infancy, we recommend starting with us on a design sprint before the app development itself.
London based agency
Meet us in London, face to face, anytime
Long-term cooperation
We are a technology partner, not a supplier
Experienced app developers
Our team is stable for many years
Flexibility your business needs
Agile is not a only buzzword for us
Honesty and openness
We create successful apps, not invoices
Analysis, design and app development
The right skillset for every project stage
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Price range: $$$
Founded: 2013
Director: Filip Hasa
Mission: Your partners for digital product development, design and strategy.
We deliver quality products on time.
We deliver quality products on time. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, we can provide you with a team of developers and the skills that would take years to build.
We want you to have the in-house experience, knowing the people who work on your project and understand your business, goals and needs.
Managing your project
We believe in being flexible while maintaining direction by mixing agile methodologies with classical project management. We combine the best of both worlds to give you both flexibility and control.
Controlling quality
We understand how vital every detail is for your business. The quality control is not only a vital part of our process but focus on detail is one of our primary principals.
Ensuring transparency
We build long-term partnerships with our clients. We believe that there is nothing to hide, and growth is achieved by full transparency. That's why we always share our progress, thoughts and ideas.
Are we the right partner for you?
Let's work together if...
  • 🚀 You want a working product.
  • 🤝 You’re looking for a partner.
  • 📈 You want to build on data.
  • 🏆 You want to be the best.
  • 💪 You know it takes hard work.
Let's not work together if...
  • You want to buy days and hours.
  • You’re looking for a supplier.
  • You want to build on a guess.
  • You’re ok with mediocre results.
  • You’re not fully invested.
How we approach mobile application development
We define what a pixel-perfect attitude means.
Don’t expect any half-baked buns. Profound testing of every detail is fundamental for us. Our tailor-made apps always bring your customers a delightful digital experience with the brand.
Working only with a small number of clients enables us to always make the client a crucial part of the development process. The thorough reporting and intensive client care we offer ensure that every aspect of the final product perfectly fits the project’s needs.
Your reliable partners in digital crime.
We cherish long-term partnerships and challenging multi-platform projects. We are here to build your dreamt-of digital presence and continually refine it to perfection. Whether you need a mobile app, comprehensive web application, Internet of Things system, chatbot or all of it combined, we’ll design the most suitable solution to fire up your business.
The steps of our amazing journey: As your partners for app design and mobile app development, we will guide you through the whole process, here is how it looks like:
To launch a successful product
you need a perfect process
app development agency london discovery
Stage 1: Discovery
The first step of every project we work on an app development agency is discovery. It is a process, which is essential for the mobile app to be successful.
Together we gather all the information and materials we need for our designers and developers to start working on the project and we also discuss all parts, where a problem could arise during the development.
Only after this, we are able to set project roles and a timetable, which will be suitable both for you and us.
Discovery stage
mobile app development technology
Stage 2: Design & prototyping
Next phase, preceding app development itself, is UX and design. And our app design agency is here to help!
In order for a mobile app to be favoured by its users, it needs to have a smart and likeable design that is going to intensify the connection of your mobile app to your brand.
While creating the design, we always closely cooperate with our clients, as their feedback is just as important as anything else we do.
Alpha & prototyping
app development agency london development
Stage 3: Development
Finally, when it comes to coding the app, we use all the experience, our mobile app developers have gained from our 7 years long experience as an app development agency in London.
We use an agile approach, which offers flexibility and adjustments to the project’s needs. We always share each and every update with the client, just as we test it with our dedicated testers.
After we finish with the app development, we can upload it to Google Play and App Store, if desired.
Development stage
The end?

We know how hard saying goodbye can be - and we hate to do it. Instead, we are always happy to work on future updates. Or we can just talk about how much your customers love the app. Or we can just talk about the weather.

app development before start
Before we start
You are probably wondering about the cost of mobile app development, right? It is very hard to tell you the price of mobile app development, as our London agency is focused on bespoke app development, where each app is an original. The price is always reliant on what features you wish to have in your app.
The factors we take into consideration while preparing an offer are:
design needs,
compatibility (is it an app for both Android and iOS or just one them?),
app’s complexity - the more features, the more time we spend on development,
future updates and app’s extensions.
We are able to establish the price after we receive a specification for your project.
mobile app development progress
No obstacle can stop us
We love all kind of challenges. Whatever your app needs, we are ready to come up with a solution, that will make your dreams come true. The possibilities are endless. We can create an app using AR, we can implement a chatbot into the app, connect the app to other software you are using, or we can even create different versions of the app for different devices.
why app development agency
Why should you go with a mobile app development agency like us?
We are a bunch of people, whose minds are full of extraordinary ideas and extensive knowledge, we are always happy to use while working on your app ideas.
We will not tell you that our app developers or app designers are the best in London. We believe that actions speak louder than words. Give us a call and see for yourself whether or not we are the best fit for your mobile app development project.
How we manage mobile app development projects
We love to be agile while working on mobile app development, but on the other hand we understand that we can’t let the project loose and wait how everything is going to turn out. That is why we combine agile and classic project management.

Pros and cons of agile development
We practice Prince 2 Agile methodology that was made to fit projects where agile principles bring the customer most value but that are not a simple project and needs to be controlled to a certain level. Our approach combines the best of the three worlds - Prince 2, Scrum and Design Thinking.
We focus on the teamwork in a self-organizing team, fast deployment and learning, less paperwork, focus on the product and other positives that Scrum bring to the table. We follow the Scrum rules on the delivery level - we have stand-ups every day and we have plannings, retrospectives and reviews.

Managers and other roles
The amount of work released in an iteration is decided by the team, the product owner and the project manager of the mobile app development. The team from our app development agency in London is responsible for the result and is given boundaries in which they can operate and therefore can stay motivated and involved in the project and the product.
Delivery team methodology
On the delivery level, we also use Design Thinking framework for working on the initiation stage of the project and whenever new functionality is designed or checked with the users. We want to be as transparent as possible.
That is why the client is invited to take a part in every planning and review that is taking place at the beginning and at the end of each sprint. On top of that, the client also has access to our system where he can observe the pace of work, issues, news and other information as if being a part of the project team.
app development agency services
Technologies we use

For mobile app development, we use the following technologies:

  • Native Android
  • Native iOS
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • React Native

These technologies are used for projects that also require backend:

  • Golang
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • .NET
FAQ App Development Agency London
Who is behind your app development agency?
Pixelfield is creating digital products since 2013. Back then, we were students and enthusiasts. We loved digital world and website and app development was our hobby. We wanted to be a part of this rapidly changing world. We started the app development agency and worked on hundreds of projects for clients from many parts of the world.
Who is your agency better than others?
There are many great agencies around the world and we are proud to share our knowledge with others. Why you should choose our app development agency in London? We have a stable and well-managed team of people who love their work and the products they work on. We build long-term relations with our client and grow together.
How expensive your agency is?
Our pricing is based on the fact that our app development agency is employing only the best experts in their field. On the other hand, we do not aim to be the most expensive agency in London and our pricing is quite competitive. We are used to working with start-ups with a tight budget and we can certainly help you to achieve your goal without extensive investments.
What is the first step when working with you?
It is straightforward. Just say 'Hello' and let's discuss your project, needs, budget and timeline. If we are a good match, the project will start with deeper analysis and project preparation. Our app development agency in London always starts with a workshop with the client and other stakeholders. So why not start now?
How long does it take to launch an app?
Creating a mobile application or any digital product is a process that takes time. It is not only about the development itself. We need to make sure that we understand the needs of future users and the goals you want to achieve. Our app development agency understands the need to be fast to market. We are used to coming up with the MVP in just a few months (or, sometimes weeks.)
When can you start working on my project?
We understand the necessity of acting fast. If you call to our app development agency in London now, we can start with the first meetings and preparations tomorrow. Just in a few weeks, we can have a prototype or a very simple MVP ready for the action!
How does the process of app development look like?
At the beginning there is a consultation, where we summarize your expectations and what goals should the app meet. After that we create a wireframe. Wireframe states the structure of your mobile application. The next phase is a graphic design proposal. In the (almost) last step our developers program the app. The result is a hybrid mobile app which functions perfectly on all mobile platforms mentioned above.
How much does the mobile application development cost?
Take a look at our article on mobile applicaton development price on our blog. You can find here the pricing explained.
Which technologies do you use?
Our mobile app development team uses the most up-to-date technologies, which is not only time-saving, it also saves your money. We have experience with creating simple and complex applications, navigations, payments, securing and connecting to other external applications. Our mobile app development team in is always happy to provide a great service for you and we are looking forward to our next challenges.
What additional services do you provide?
Even after you are happy with the app we do not have to say goodbye to each other. There are many fields of activity, where we can offer our services. Besides of uploading the app on distribution channels, you will for sure appreciate our regular app administration, updates development or even our other services, just see what we can do on our service page.
Why should you invest in mobile app development?
Mobile apps are a more and more popular way to increase promotion performance. Before we make an app proposal, we carry out an analysis of your needs and competitors. It results in a goal, which the app should meet to become a meaningful investment. Our developers start working on the mobile app knowing what this goal is, so that they can adapt their mobile app development services to it.
What is the difference between mobile apps and mobile versions of webpages?
Android or iOS app is a programme, which you can download right into your phone. Mobile versions of webpages or responsive designs are displayed in browsers. They do not have the option of installing on your device. These websites also limit you in using technologies such as taking photos, gps localization and others, which we can only use in mobile apps.
Is the app going to require any updates?
Definitely. In some cases, you have no other option. Updates are essential with every new iOS version. In these situations, the update is not time consuming nor financially demanding. By updating it is also possible to extend the apps by adding new functions and making it better. It is all up to what you agree on with us.
Is the mobile app going to work on tablets as well?
The app itself can operate even on tablets. However, we usually forbid it for tablet use, because the controlling is not suitable for its interface. We can also develop your app to be tablets friendly – with a little bit of increase in time and money.
On which platforms can I have my mobile app developed?
Android and iOS. These cover most smartphones. We ensure that the app is uploaded on following distribution channels: Google Play, App Store. This way, we can reach 99,9 % of mobile app users. In case you would require development only for one platform, just let us know.
How do you secure the quality of your apps?
It is natural for our tester to go through the apps before launching and make sure the developers correct any errors found. We can also arrange user testing, which gives us the insight into how the app really works and whether it meets users’ expectations. Testing can reveal all kind of errors and malfunctions. These are then fixed before the app is launched, so you can be sure that our mobile app development services will be flawless.