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We are London based developers, and designers focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups with strategy, design and development of new digital products.
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We have worked for big companies too
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Identify your USP. Define your MVP. Visualise and validate your ideas. Prove the concept. Launch your MVP and get the traction. Boost your KPIs. Impress your investors. We will supply you with the skills you need to do that.
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App designers, analysts and developers focused on startups
We have worked for startups for many years. We understand your needs to be flexible, fast and lean. That's why we always help our clients to do as less as possible.
You're starting and need a lot of skills and experience. This is where we can help. We offer not just our time and skills, but also our experience.
Out team is multifunctional to help you with your digital product without complicated handovers. In our team, you'll find:
- UX/UI and brand designers,
- web and mobile developers,
- analysts,
- project managers,
- product designers
and others!
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The team that feels like in-house. We are not an average agency!
You don't need to hand over the specification and wait for the result. You need to be in touch with the team. You need to know them by name and make sure they are invested in your product.
You need a partner you can discuss the process and the product with. You need more value for money than a standard digital agency can deliver.
We are your creative partner, virtual CTO and experienced "in-house" team. We care about the results; we give you honest feedback and try to push you - not block you.
What we can do for you
Micro branding and presentations
Every new product needs a name and a distinct visual identity. We can deliver this fast, and make your product stand out. We can also prepare beautiful mock-ups and presentations you need to find new partners and investors.
UX/UI design
Our experienced designers will help you create a product that is both functional and beautiful. We understand that every detail matters. Users are picky nowadays, and we need to offer them the best user experience possible.
Validated prototype
& roadmap
Before we start coding, let's make sure every detail is perfect and well-defined. We need to validate our ideas on every step of the way using research, user testing of the interactive prototypes and other methods. We can also work on the product roadmap with you.
MVP development
It's necessary to define where you bring the most value to your users. We need to be agile and deliver the core product to the market fast to test the response and get the traction. We will help you with the design and development of the app, web-app or website.
Continuous development
We support all our clients on the long run. We share roadmap and plan releases together. We allow you to be flexible and react to the changes on the market. We keep our process lean. Together, we can improve the product with each new release.
Analytics and KPIs
We are focused on business outcomes. Let's boost your KPIs. Our analysts can identify problems and opportunities in your product and help you prioritize features, changes and improvements for future development. We can help you with ad hoc problems or based on SLA.
Our Work
We have worked as designers and developers for startups in the UK and other European countries. We have over seven years of experience working together as a team. Take a look at some projects we have recently designed and launched!
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We help this startup to launch their products and start selling
It's always a pleasure to help an ambitious startup of the ground. We helped more than just with the development. We helped with strategy and definition of the MVP.
We have designed and developed several mobile applications, websites and back-end. We created the whole ecosystem!
The client got the MVP and started selling tickets. We got the momentum we needed, and we are working on the next development stages, getting ready to make a mark on EU and US markets.
More about the project
"We have been developing web and mobile applications with Pixelfield for more than two years. At MusicMap, we appreciate the partnership approach and flexibility that they have shown us throughout our cooperation.“
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Jakub Chudy
app development for startup
Augmented reality game
We helped to design this augmented reality game. We took care of the development and launch. We managed to get hundreds of thousands of downloads and reach several AppStore charts.
Case Study
sapeli app development
Software for innovative retail store
Sapeli asked us for help with their innovative store concept. Replacing door samples with interactive screens and tablets was a bold move. But it paid off! The customers love the new design store.
Case Study
Welcome to Pixelfield,
developers for startups in London
app developers for startups
Why choose us?
We are more than just app developers for startups. We are your partner, dedicated team and virtual CTO.
Our mission is to make your product a success. We will provide you with the skillset you need to have a shot at making your startup the next big thing, and save you years of building the perfect team.
Startup focused
We know what you need as a startup
Multifunctional team
We have multiple roles on our team
Based in London
You can meet us in person anytime
Wide stack
All systems, devices and many frameworks
Business focused
We prefer the outcome to specification
Long-term partnership
We are here to support you on the long-run
Meet us in London or give us a call
London Office
Pixelfield - app development agency in London
57a Hatton Garden, Areaworks Farringdon,
London EC1N 8JG
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07810 724425
Reliable designers and developers for startups
We know what it takes to deliver a quality product. We are reasonable and careful about what we promise.
Sometimes you need to overdeliver; sometimes you need to work late. We are here when other agencies sleep.
Lean and Agile
Business is a constant adaptation and change. We understand that and we are truly agile and give you the flexibility you need.
Quality and handover
We have a quality control system to make sure others can build on our work. If there is a time for you to build your own team, we are happy to help.
Project management
We are agile, but we like to keep things in order. We use Prince 2 Agile methodology to use the best from agile and classic project management.
FAQ App developers for startups
How many startups have you worked with?
We have worked as developers for startups and entrepreneurs around Europe for the last seven years, and we have launched dozens of products.
What is the average app price?
It's not possible to guess without some necessary information. But we are used to a tight budget and we can help you find a way to start. You can also read more about app development price here.
Can I just discuss my idea with you?
Sure! You are always welcome to discuss your idea. We won't tell you if it will be a success or not; we don't build on a guess. But we can tell you how to validate the idea.