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We design, develop and grow mobile and web apps, games, apps for virtual and augmented reality and other digital products. We love our job, and users love our products. You can find us in London, Amsterdam and Prague.
The Spirit of Pixelfield
Hungry for innovation
We plan, create and grow digital products. We help our clients succeed by delivering products that improve life, work and play. We love finding simple solutions to complex challenges and place a strong emphasis on craft in every detail from design to code.
Every detail matters. From design to code, we keep an eye on every small aspect of the project that might decide whether it will be successful or not. We promote the ways of work we believe bring the best results even if they take time.
Honest and open
We believe that open communication is the only way to success. That's why we always tell you what we think and alert you whenever there might be a problem. Our process is built to be as transparent as possible from pricing to launch.
We cherish and cultivate long-term partnerships with our results-driven mindset and business-first approach. Our mission is to become your favourite tech partners and see you exceed all your business objectives in the long run.
Working worldwide
We are proudly working all around Europe and the US. We can get our designers and developers to your conference room in just a few hours, should the circumstances require it. Just ask our happy clients from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy or Switzerland.
Truly agile
Business and digital business especially is a constant adaptation to change. We help our partners to react to changes and needs of the market by being agile, lean and flexible.
We're a team of over twenty specialists for strategy, design & development
Management team
Filip Hasa
Dominik Bura
Chief Designer
Alex Gordeev
Chief developer
Miljan Pajic
Project Manager
Michal Vavra
Chief AR/VR developer
Ondra Cajthaml
Chief mobile developer
Our Journey
pixelfiled 2013
Filip and Michal started the company during their university studies, creating small, simple websites mostly for fun.
pixelfield 2015
Working for many small businesses. Creating websites, PPC and SEO campaigns.
pixelfield 2017
We are focusing on the latest technology and innovations. Among websites, you can find web and mobile apps in our portfolio.
We are working for the first clients from all around Europe. Our apps and websites are now running in Italy, UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland.
Building a new team in the UK and focusing more on product design and strategy. Launching our first AR mobile game with hundreds of thousands of downloads.
What the future holds? We will be working more on AR and VR, especially in e-commerce, health and entertainment sectors.
Seven years ago, we started in a small office. Since then, we have worked for clients from many countries from all around the world. We are here to provide you with the skills you need to succeed in the digital world.
Why work with us?
As an app development agency in London, we have worked with big companies as well as start-ups, which gave us valuable insight into what all kind of businesses needs.
If your idea is in its infancy, we recommend starting with us on a design sprint before the app development itself.
In-house like cooperation
Working with us is like having an experienced in-house team.
Open communication
We communicate often and openly. We always keep you updated.
We build partnerships
We are here to support you in the long run - not just one project.
Focused on business
We are focused on your KPIs and product success, not just specs.
Scalable team
We have the skillset you need - from analysis and design to development.
Sharing knowledge
We know a lot about digital projects, and we are happy to share.
Are we the right partner for you?
Let's work together if...
  • 🚀 You want a working product.
  • 🤝 You’re looking for a partner.
  • 📈 You want to build on data.
  • 🏆 You want to be the best.
  • 💪 You know it takes hard work.
Let's not work together if...
  • You to buy days and hours.
  • You’re looking for a supplier.
  • You want to build on a guess.
  • You’re ok with mediocre results.
  • You’re not fully invested.
Pixelfield’s fundamental values are curiosity, openness, and respect.
Our agile problem-solving routine, fuelled by the boundless curiosity and passion for innovations we possess, enables us to create progressive technologies which can liberate and continually amplify human capital.
We cultivate the harmonious coexistence of humankind and the latest technologies. Despite being driven by the urge to progress, our innovative projects always honour the principles of an individual’s autonomy, long-lasting sustainability, and the common good.
We construct the interlink between utility and delight. Our design is deliberate and aware and arouses emotional reactions - it is a way of observing a problem from all possible points of view to ensure that the final product perfectly fits its context.
We contribute to responsible developments in the field of automation and artificial intelligence. We actively nourish the debate on the future of work and the consequences for everyday lives not only with our products but also through our educational activities.
By virtue of transparency and direct communication, we establish strong partnerships built on mutual trust and conjoint progress, which leads to the fulfilment of both the client’s goals and the needs and wants of our products’ end-users.
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