Testing and Research

Even the best ideas need to be tested. Feedback is what shows which way to go to get the best results.

Every new comment and opinion is a step toward a great product. In every stage of the project we gather all the feedback we can. From team members, stakeholders and real users.

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In-house testing – 01

Reviews and audits

Each part of the project must be reviewed. We always want to be sure that we’re on the right path. That is why design, prototype and every part of the code must be reviewed by another team member.

We also offer our opinions and expertise on projects we haven’t worked on. Do you want to be absolutely sure that the solution you are paying for is going to work in the end? Get in touch and we can give you our honest opinion.

Your project can be reviewed from the business point of view, by a developer or a by a designer. We can highlight the problems we see so you can take an action and money, time and most importantly your energy.

Getting people involved – 02

User testing

There is nothing more fun than showing your app to the real users for the first time. It is so exciting! After a lot of hard work we finally see how people interact with the MVP or prototype.

To get the data we always need to pay attention to asking the right questions and choosing the most relevant group of people. We test the apps we work on, but we’ve also managed user testing on other team’s projects.

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Reports and recommendations

This is wrong, good bye… Of course we would never do that to you! Every bug you find is a place for improvement. After each testing you get not only the results but also recommendations of what your next steps should be. Everything nicely organised so you have a great overview of the situation of your project.