Mobile app development London

Mobile app development London

Use the services of experienced mobile app developers in London to create an app your customers will use every five minutes. 

We make digital startups fire up and help established companies innovate their services.

We’re creative developers as well as your digital business consultants. Our mobile app development service starts with helping you think through the concept to the smallest detail to ensure that your idea can do well on the market. If you are looking for app development in London (and elsewhere) you are on the right place. Mobile app development London.

The development service then continues with designing your new digital product, thoroughly testing a prototype and creating a minimum viable product (MVP). After we release the app, we proceed to test and polish it again, and we provide the client with further support and continuous development.

Thanks to our app development team in London, we offer high adaptability, fast delivery of our services and continuous improvement

All of these are ensured by the principles of agile software development that we follow. Our mobile app development services are flexible and adaptive to the client’s needs, there’s no obstacle on the way that could stop us from delivering you a great product.

We won’t let your idea grow old before the release, our mobile app developers in London always deliver as early as possible while maintaining a pixel-perfect attitude. We want to build long-term partnerships to help our clients continually develop their projects to digital perfection and great profitability. These are our mobile app development services in London.

Tailor-made mobile app development London. Profitable mobile apps for Android and iOS.

We embrace challenging projects and create ambitious integrated solutions

Need a web app too? An appealing visual identity, innovative Internet of Things system or a chatbot for Facebook Messenger? Perfect, our development team in London can help you with all of these! Excite us with your wonderful idea and you’ll acquire a long-term technological partner, who can provide your business with integrated digital boost services.

Let’s become partners in digital crime!


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Mobile makes the world go around

There are millions of apps available on Apple Store and Google Play store. Users spend nearly 90% of their mobile media time on apps. Worldwide mobile app revenues via app stores and in-app advertising are expected to double within the next three years. Mobile is both the present and the future. Let us help you capitalize on this evergrowing trend with our mobile app development services in London.

Do you have an app in mind?

We can bring your idea to digital life. From prototyping to the release.

Mobile app development London
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FAQ - mobile app development London

How does the process of app development look like?

At the beginning there is a consultation, where we summarize your expectations and what goals should the app meet. After that we create a wireframe. Wireframe states the structure of your mobile application. The next phase is a graphic design proposal. In the (almost) last step our developers in London program the app. The result is a hybrid mobile app which functions perfectly on all mobile platforms mentioned above. 

Which technologies do you use?

Our London mobile app development team uses the most up-to-date technologies, which is not only time-saving, it also saves your money. We have experience with creating simple and complex applications, navigations, payments, securing and connecting to other external applications. Our mobile app development team in London is always happy to provide a great service for you and we are looking forward to our next challenges.

What additional services do you provide?

Even after you are happy with the app we do not have to say goodbye to each other. There are many fields of activity, where we can offer our services. Besides of uploading the app on distribution channels and promotion, you will for sure appreciate our regular app administration and updates development.

What is the difference between mobile app development and web development?

The development of mobile apps is a process, where we always focus on making the final app useful and comfortable to use. How? We think of the people, who are going to use the app, in what time of the day, where. Our team of developers always considers ways how to make use of all the functions offered by smartphones. We are never tied up by routine manners, we look for new improvements.

How is the graphics of mobile apps created?

Development of mobile apps has its specific features. We pay attention to clarity, readability and simplicity. Hand in hand with the graphic side goes the user interface, which is important as well. We look for balance between good-looking and easy to use features.

Why should you invest in mobile app development?

Mobile apps are a more and more popular way to increase promotion performance. Before we make an app proposal, we carry out an analysis of your needs and competitors. It results in a goal, which the app should meet to become a meaningful investment. Our developers in London start working on the mobile app knowing what this goal is, so that they can adapt their mobile app development services to it.

How do you secure the quality of your apps?

It is natural for our mobile developers in London to test the apps before launching. User testing gives us the insight into how the app really works and whether it meets users’ expectations. Testing can reveal all kind of errors and malfunctions. These are then fixed before the app is launched, so you can be sure that our mobile app development services will be flawless.

On which platforms can I have my mobile app developed?

Android, iOS as well as Windows. These cover most smartphones. We ensure that the app is uploaded on following distribution channels: Play Store, App Store and Windows Phone Store. This way, we can reach 98 % of mobile app users.

I have a mobile website. Isn't it enough?

Mobile websites and mobile apps are two different phenomena. Users need them in completely different situations. You might need our mobile app development services even though you already have a mobile website.

Will I be able to change the content in my mobile app?

Administrating your mobile app is possible only in case we create it this way. It is essential to clarify these requirements prior to the mobile app development start.

How much time does it take to develop a mobile app?

It very hard to establish the length of the mobile app development services without knowing how demanding the app would be. First step towards setting the time we need is a thorough specification of your requirements.

What is the price of a mobile app development?

To set a general price is almost impossible. While calculating the price we must consider a lot of factors. The biggest influence on the price has the chosen complexity and app functions, which also determine the difficulty of the whole mobile app development services. Next determinant is the user interface, application design and finally the support and regular updates of the app.

Is it necessary to develop the app for all the platforms?

We recommend developing the app for Android and iOS, other platforms are not so popular. It also depends on your target audience. Sometimes it is possible that the app is targeted only on iPhone users or sometimes companies use only Android devices, so there is no need to develop the app for iOS.

What is the difference between mobile apps and mobile versions of webpages?

Android or iOS app is a programme, which you can download right into your phone. Mobile versions of webpages or responsive designs are displayed in browsers. They do not have the option of installing on your device. These websites also limit you in using technologies such as making photos, gps localization and others, which we can only use in mobile apps. 

Is the app going to require any updates?

Definitely. In some cases, you have no other option. Updates are essential with every new iOS version. In these situations, the update is not time consuming nor financially demanding. By updating it is also possible to extend the apps by adding new functions and making it better. It is all up to what you agree on with us – we are mobile app development London.

Is the mobile app going to work on tablets as well?

The app itself can operate even on tablets. However, we usually forbid it for tablet use, because the controlling is not suitable for its interface. We can also develop your app to be tablets friendly – with a little bit of increase in time and money.

Is it necessary to have the phone connected to internet to run my mobile app?

You can run your app without your phone being connected to the internet. There are, however, apps downloading some information from the internet. In this case you must expect that without the connection these pieces of information don’t have to be visible or updated.

Mobile app development London