User Experience Design

We design delightful & easy to use products, brands and interfaces.

We use both empathy and data to understand your business goals, your customers, and their needs. We know great user experience is not only intuitive but also beautiful.

Create a delightful project with us
Process – 01

Design Strategy

At the beginning of each project, we evaluate all the information that is available to us and what needs to be done. Are we building the product from scratch, introducing a new feature or optimising checkout process for conversions? Do we have any quantitative data available? Who are the real users of your product and how can we approach them? Does your product need a design system?

These are just a few of many questions we ask at the beginning, answering them helps us to choose the right strategy and techniques to design the product your customers will love.

Process – 02

Ideas & Collaboration

We believe in fast turnover of ideas. In early stages of design, we create visual moodboards and use pens and papers to communicate ideas quickly and get a feedback from stakeholders and developers. It is important to try out ideas early in the process, so the bad ones can be discarded and the good ones can shine.

We are all about collaboration, our designers and developers work closely as one team and we like our clients to work with us too. No one understands your business as you do and your insight might be crucial to the project’s success.

Process – 03


When we gather enough data and create some basics concepts, it’s time to start prototyping the actual look of the app or the product.

Based on the information architecture we outline together, we create high fidelity visual prototypes and utilise prototyping tools like InVision to create interactive prototypes to try out how the user journeys might look and feel like.

Process – 04

Rinse & repeat

Product design is not a linear, step-by-step process. It’s about solving difficult problems, it’s about failing, standing up and trying again.

Even if we give you something you like, we won’t stop and we will keep digging deeper. We will ask difficult questions. We will question our own solutions. All because we know what it takes to create a really successful project – and yours is going to be one of them.

"UX" is nothing without "Design"

User Interface & Visual Design

We love data. We love testing. But we know your customers are probably not robots (or androids, synths…). We are designing for humans. We know when to use minimalistic approach and clarity to make a product easier to use, but we also know when to add that fancy illustration and surprising animation to make your customer go “wow”.

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Do you have a fast-growing business?

Design systems

Is your userbase growing faster than your product team can keep up with? Do your developers speak a different language than designers and project managers (both literally & figuratively)? We have experience with creating design systems for businesses of any size – from fast-growing startups to large financial institutions.

Design system will allow your team to focus on solving real problems – it will reduce repetitive work by reusing established components. Designers will be able to focus on making more important decisions and design faster and consistently. Developers will not have to write every component over and over again.