MusicMap: connecting artists with their fans

We’ve been MusicMap’s technological partner with a goal to polish their service to digital perfection and expand their web and app internationally.


Create your fan account

Sign up for free,
connect with your favourite
musicians and bands,
and keep track of their
news and tour updates.

Immerse yourself in the world of music

Try MusicMap’s web TV and radio,
and enjoy reports, photos and
videos from different events.
Don’t forget to share these with
your friends!

Buy tickets and have fun

Find the perfect concert
nearby or even abroad,
buy your tickets with just a few clicks
and let the mobile app
conveniently navigate
you to the venue.




New users


Visitors from Google

MusicMap’s traffic
increased from
hundreds to thousands
in just two months
by smart SEO

Quality digital product doesn’t necessarily secure the attention of your target audience, but we can get you both.
Our SEO strategy quickly led to a substantial rise in organic traffic and the numbers continue to grow.

Brand new website
and mobile app brought
new dimension to
MusicMap’s business

As their technological partner, we helped the client to define the project and monetization plans.
By virtue of the web and app, MusicMap grew from only organising offline events to providing the musical world with a modern digital medium, connecting artists with the crowd in a convenient and entertaining manner.

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Our digital boost allowed MusicMap to expand abroad and enter the ticketing market

This project perfectly illustrates our interpretation of the digital agency-client relationship.
We’ve helped MusicMap grow their business to three more countries after entering the digital world, but there’s more coming.
A new big investment is on its way and MusicMap is now entering the ticketing market with our amazing system, which allows them to set the service fee lower than any competitor.

We managed to increase the traffic from Google by fifteen times and it's still growing.

Filip HasaPixelfield CEO

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