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Foodbox is a unique project which brings together some of the most popular Asian restaurants in Prague, thus providing the most convenient Asian food delivery app in town.

Do you remember those moments when you just can’t decide between pad thai, pho bo and sushi? Well, now you can order all of them at once. And with the chic Foodbox mobile app we created, you can do so in just a few taps under the desk to avoid your colleagues’ judgy looks!

Do you remember those moments when you just can’t decide between pad thai, pho bo and sushi?

Wide choice is the key. Combine your favourite meals from different Asian restaurants in Prague into one order.

Find the perfect match for your stomach. Enjoy many filters and search options the app offers.

Ordering food delivery must be an easy task. The app’s layout is well-arranged and thoroughly tested.

Bringing a delicious idea
to its digital life

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you simply have to love Foodbox. This delivery service allows you to conveniently combine meals from different Asian restaurants in one order. What a smart idea, right? There was just a need for quality digital execution, which is where we came into play.

We developed a web application for ordering as well as a visually appealing easy-to-use hybrid mobile app for both Android and iOS, which cooperates with the web version flawlessly.

We secured a smooth transition from the old ordering system for both the delivery and its customers, who were able to keep using their existing user accounts with their old login and password. The back end is tailored to the specific needs of the restaurants, allowing them to easily manage orders or adjust delivery zones.

When you’re combining different restaurants’ offers, things might get a bit disarrayed. That’s why we included a wide variety of filters and search options. Moreover, the user experience was being thoroughly tested during the development process in order to create a truly easy-to-use app because we know that when you’re hungry, time is of the essence.


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Web app and an Android/iOS mobile app

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