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Foodbox: Mobile app and website for food delivery start-up
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MusicMap: growing together for more than 4 years
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Interview: Our CTO Michal sees bright future in progressive web apps

The biggest innovation for developers is clearly PWA, a progressive web application. It is not a brand new technology, rather a better use of some technologies that were already in use.

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App Development

Are you looking for experienced developers? We've worked with start-ups and established companies to find their way into mobile phones.

Web Development

We are building websites that simply work. Let’s focus on preparation and create a beautiful website that will help your business.

UX & Design

We use empathy and data to understand your goals, your customers and their needs. Design must be both intuitive and beautiful.

Research & Testing

There's no better feedback than the one from your real users. That's the reason why we talk, ask and listen to them very carefully.